Does anyone see Kayla plotting to destroy Tripp?

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Re: Does anyone see Kayla plotting to destroy Tripp?

Postby lexi911 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:54 pm

No, not really. I do think she will feel differently about Steve and him and Tripp bonding while his and Kayla's son is in prison. I feel if anyone needs to be dumped on it is Tripp. That rotten Jade fed him a bunch of lies about Kayla killing his mom. Tripp then went on a jag or making Kayla losing her job. Worse yet, he put innocent people's lives in danger by messing with the charts. I am a retired nurse and I know how much sensitive things that are in a patient's chart. If someone got to that info and changed something, patients could die and that is not trivial. I think charges should have be pressed against Tripp. I just don't like him and I hope he is not as evil and his mother was.

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