Mimi confirms Beemer is Shawn D

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Mimi confirms Beemer is Shawn D

Postby rainlovesdays » Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:26 pm

How is everybody?? I hope you're all doing wonderful! I've personally seen brighter days...I got my wisdom teeth pulled out on Monday. Let's just say, it hasn't really sat with me well. I've been vomiting quite a bit and I appear to have 2 baseballs inside my mouth. I can't FIND the baseballs but that's what it looks like. It's given my roommates something to joke about though, so I'm glad for that. Hopefully my swelling will be down by Friday because I'm taking a road trip with my mom and sis. Which I'm really flipping excited for 'cause I haven't seen my mom since April and the last time we did a "mother/daughter" anything had to have been about a decade ago. Were gonna go to San Francisco and wine country and all those beautiful places.
"Days" is on hiatus for 2 weeks which is why I'm getting to do all these fun things, like getting my wisdom teeth out and go on vacation.
I will be meeting up with Brandon Beemer (the "new Shawn") and the "Days'" acting coach next week to work on his first few episodes. We're taping 8 episodes the week back from break (and Brandon's first week period) so we agreed we should go over it before walking out on set that Monday and going "Hi, I'm Farah", "Hi, I'm Brandon", now let's start crying and screaming at eachother..."
In other news...we're taking a permanent break from "Lil' Divas". I've got other goals professionally that I must tend to at this stage in life...like finding new ACTING jobs...
oh. I also read like everyone else the fall spoilers in SOD. So...a Mimi/Max/Abby triangle?
Maybe there's a plan to re-cast and de-age my character that I don't know about...
anyway, thanks for stopping by, thanks for your support.


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