****TEASERS****** Read at own risk!

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****TEASERS****** Read at own risk!

Postby JaniceSaysYes » Wed Aug 30, 2006 11:31 am

A small Teaser from SOD.

If you are a Days fan this issue is for you! Wall to wall Days, along with a 6 Page Interview w/ Sheffer. Nothing much on GH or Y&R.

Only interesting Y&R thing was that Carmen/Marissa is being let go -- They think she looks too young for the part and doesn't work w/ Peter or Kristoff -- ITA 100% -- I love how Y&R corrects their mistakes quickly

SOD Cover --- What's Wrong and How they're going to Fix it!

Sami Shocker

Marlena's Big Story

Max - The next big thing

Bo /Hope - Reunited.

Frankie Out

Jason Cook - Why I quit

Sounds Like a good issue, with lots of juicy Scoop, News, and Information!

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