That being said. Is NICK alive and did he witness

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Undeniable Truth
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Re: That being said. Is NICK alive and did he witness

Postby Undeniable Truth » Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:36 pm

Quote Shirleta:
Quote Undeniable Truth:
Quote dayswy: That's a great theory! Who would he blackmail with it? Ej I'm assuming- but aren't nick and Abby somewhat close? Would he send her down the river (no pun intended) to get at EJ? Who really didn't do anything this time but help cover it up- and what would he want anyway?

Good questions.

I think Nick would sell Abby out in a heartbeat. Not only was he in stalker/rapist mode when he got cracked in the head, but he's been known to sell a fellow Horton down the river before.

The only thing I can think of that he would want from EJ is the evidence he has on Sami. They made a point not to destroy it. Weird to consider that the evidence of Will having shot EJ is also under the DiMera roof right now. Why would he want any of that though? To somehow further attempt to blackmail Gabi into being with him? Hmm. Could they get that all in before Gabi leaves the show in May?

I don't know. Is it even plausible that he'd have the kahunas to mess with EJ like that?

Would you be o kind as to claify for me as I havent' been a really consistant watcher of DOOL as I work and can't record the program. If Nick is alive, say he is, what evidence would he have to blackmail anyone? If he's still around, no one is at fault (maybe assault, that's all).

There's some confusion on this thread I think, so I'll get to that first. The original poster has posed the two questions: Is Nick still alive, and did he see what happened yesterday between Abby and EJ? I do believe Nick is still alive for many reasons. No body has been found. They always come back when no body has been found.
He had too much unfinished business in Salem. He has proof in the form of a legal document that Chad DiMera knows Gabi hired Melanie's stalker. He has no reason to protect Gabi for that anymore. He also has no reason to keep Chad (if Chad's character returns at some point) from being charged with assaulting him. He sent a virus through Kate's servers and wiped them out. What was that all about? Did he remove all of his formulas and contracts, information that etc. she paid him for the formula that Sami & EJ took? Could that have something to do with it? Not to mention that the guy was obviously either totally losing it over Gabi, or was he just putting on a darn good show there at the end for everyone to see? I could go on and on, but yes...I do believe we'll see the "evil genius" again. I may not like it, but there are too many open ends here for him to stay gone permanently just yet.

As to the original poster's second question, it hadn't struck me until they asked that perhaps Nick might be hiding on that island somewhere. We were just speculating over the "why's" and "hows" of that, if they take it that direction. It's not what I would do, but I wouldn't have had EJ travel all the way out to the island and sleep with Abigail, either.

At the least I guess he could probably claim attempted murder, since they went ahead and pushed him into the water after seeing that he was alive. Since that's not the only thing he has over any of these people though, I think it would have to be much bigger than just a one strand web he's weaving. Anonymous multiple blackmail? Good grief.

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Re: That being said. Is NICK alive and did he witness

Postby miladytn » Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:26 pm

OMG, what wonderful idea! I did notice that Abby? (or was it EJ?) said that the cabin was warm, but I didn't connect it with Nick hiding out there. Makes sense to me! My question is, are the writers of DOOL this creative? LOL. LOVE the idea! and possibly storylines.

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Re: That being said. Is NICK alive and did he witness

Postby page31 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:35 pm

I hope he's gone :)

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Re: That being said. Is NICK alive and did he witness

Postby dayswy » Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:23 pm

Didn't hope say today that she had gone up there but returned before Ciara got done with school?

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Re: That being said. Is NICK alive and did he witness

Postby HouseTops » Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:57 pm

I am so hoping that Nick is alive and that he is manipulating everyone!!

PLEASE....Get this EJ and 8) over!! PLEASE

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