EJ and Abby, DOOL's Anastasia and Christian?

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Re: EJ and Abby, DOOL's Anastasia and Christian?

Postby fadingrose » Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:01 am

Quote ANDREA51: I am not an EJ and Abby fan, that being said I have read the books and the comparison can only be the inexperience of Abby compared to EJ but that could have been Abby and Chad, Abby and Cameron, Abby and anyone the real deal in my opinion is that some fans think that James Scott would have a made a great Christian Grey which I agree with, I could really see him as Christian but Christian was only a few years older than Anastasia and was very much single and had never been in love and was only responsible for himself and he was honest,and he loved Anastasia beyond reason,(kind of what EJ told Sami), Christians heart and soul did not belong to someone else he could freely allow himself to love someone even though he didn't think he deserved Ana, none of these characteristics in my opinion fit EJ.

Yes, Yes! Because of his incredible good looks and his proven acting ability, I too think James Scott would have made a marvelous "Christian." As you point out, there the comparison to "EJ" falls flat--regarding their history, romantic status, basic personalities and age difference from their lover. (JMO, of course)

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