SPOILER: Best 2 weeks for all shows (can’t miss)

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SPOILER: Best 2 weeks for all shows (can’t miss)

Postby TreeBuild » Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:32 pm

The next two weeks, all four soap opera shows are going to be very exciting.
I watch all four (BB, YR, GH, Days), but sometimes I skip episodes especially BB and Days where sometimes nothing special happens.
But all four of them can’t be missed over the next two weeks.
The reasons:

Days: Bloodbath at Sami and EJ’s engagement party which will result in death of at least one character.

BB: BB shot episodes at two different locations outside LA. One is about Brooke and Bill’s wedding. Second is about Carter/Maya/Rick/Caroline, Dayzee and Marcus will also be part of this.

YR: The truth about Carmine’s death and Nikki’s son finally comes out. Another death will affect almost every character at the end of next week, and it looks like one of Billy’s children dies and Connor gets the child’s eyes.

GH: Actually all current storylines are a no-miss, but if I had to pick between Connie’s custody battle, the Jerome storyline or the polonium poisioning storyline, I definitely am more excited about the polonium storyline.

Nita Lou
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Re: SPOILER: Best 2 weeks for all shows (can’t miss)

Postby Nita Lou » Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:29 pm

Hi: Watch 3 soaps, don't watch BB. Am really sorry to hear one of Billy's children die. Hope isn't true just a rumor!
I read Chad gets shot but thought they were going to recast him instead of killing him off. (He's leaving days soon). You are right all the shows are nail biting at this time. lol

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