Which Character Would You Want to Be?

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Re: Which Character Would You Want to Be?

Postby allmylovingdays » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:13 am

Quote zuzu61: I want to be Sydney..
I am so ADORABLE!!

I have a sweet older sister and Much older brother.
But the best is I have the sweetest brother who takes care of me. Sometimes I take my pillow into my families bedroom.

I just stand in the door and look cute and My sister Ally, My brother Johnny, My Mommie and MY DADDY will always scoot over and say.. "OK Sydney, come on. You can sleep with me"
Except My Mommie smiles and calls me her "snugglebunny"

BUT.. MY DADDY always makes me feel so safe. He reaches for me, picks me up, kisses me on my head, and says, "Thank You for snuggling with me my Beautiful Snuggle Princess, I was SOO cold and you came in to keep me warm"..
I know he wasn't cold, because my Mommie keeps him warm, but it feels SO good when he smiles and wraps his arms around me.
Sometimes I have to say, "Daddy! You're snoring in my ear".. The most fun time is when I wake up and ALLY and JOHNNY are in bed too.. MY WHOLE Family.. Thank You God for answering my Prayers. Now My family is together. I Love you Jesus!. Thank you.

OH yeah.. and when I get 16, and Johnny and Ally helps me find the car I want, JOHNNY says I just have to sit on Daddy's lap, hug him reeeally tight, and say,
" I LOOOVE You Daddy.. You are the BESTEST Daddy in the whole world."

Johnny said that Daddy will take him to go drive the car home for me. I don't mind If my brother Johnny drives my car first, cause he is a very smart brother.
He knows how to buy a car. : giggle..

Sometimes, My Sister and I practice and Johnny pretends he is Daddy and Uncle LU. (Ally's Daddy)
But sometimes he says, "don't sit so heavy", cause we squish his leg, when we sit on his lap. hahah .. Oh Yeah.. He's funny too..
OK.. I gotta go. We have to check on the turtle.. Bye.

zuzu you need to write a fan fanfiction this was just perfect! :D :D :D

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Re: Which Character Would You Want to Be?

Postby zuzu61 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:03 pm

HAHA Thanks allmylovingdays..

I suppose We're so use to playing with the Little Princesses in our lives, that it makes it easy to put ourselves in their little minds and know how they think. ha.

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