Kettle & Pott: Karma Goes Both Ways (May Spoil)

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Kettle & Pott: Karma Goes Both Ways (May Spoil)

Postby IHeartLizzie » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:20 pm

Everyone of Sonny and Will fans are against Gabby and they say they want her to get caught for what she 'did' and they hate her yet so called 'poor' Will Horton Brady has done more and worst. Will shot Ej and tried to kill him. He let an innocent man HIS DAD go to jail for it. He tried to blackmail Ej using extortion and he rigged a govermental election. He did this ALL On Purpose. Gabi had a crush and hired someone to stalk her which she had no idea he would kidnap Melanie or tht he was really crazy. Yes she is an accesory after the fact because she eventually found out and didn't say anything to cover her own butt. Both Gabi and Will deserve to go down if the other does. What is fair is fair! Sonny is with a criminal himself while his self righteous butt is talking and judging Gabi for her past misdeeds. I love Gabi and I love Will and Wabi and The Horton-Hernandez Family with Ariana. They should support eachother knowing that they both have mad mistakes and have flawed characters and Sonny should support them and not be so quick to judge. I mean his grandfather is freaking Victor No Good Kiriakis! Wether he likes it or not Will Gabi and Ariana are family and he should be more accepting and supportive and forgiving towards Gabi. Gabi's personal life is her business. And yes she is living there free but Will is supposed to take care of his family. That is what Grown Men do.

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Re: Kettle & Pott: Karma Goes Both Ways (May Spoil)

Postby HouseTops » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:24 pm


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Re: Kettle & Pott: Karma Goes Both Ways (May Spoil)

Postby stjarna » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:44 pm

Personal life Gabi can have - it's her thing, but since the whole story with Nick is still very sensitive to Will- Nick maybe should not be in the baby's vicinity -

Gabi is super immature and it shows! Although she has not really said it in so many words- she resents the whole being mama as her life and future now has gone down the drains! She should have thought about her life before she had unprotected sex! And that it exactly how Gabi is- she doesn't think at all!

And the stalker she hired caused the death of Jack, Madison etc!

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Re: Kettle & Pott: Karma Goes Both Ways (May Spoil)

Postby cryin4days » Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:48 pm

I'm a HUGE Sonny and Will fan, and I don't care if it's never revealed what Gabi "did". Gabi's a criminal, Will's a criminal, Nick is a criminal, Sami's a criminal, Lucas is a criminal, and Sonny's a criminal. That baby is surrounded by criminals so it doesn't matter if one goes down for what they did because you still have a clan of criminals taking care of that child.

I don't like Gabi because even though she doesn't know all of the details of what happened between Will and Nick, she knows enough to where she should understand why Will doesn't want Arianna around Nick. Will didn't forbid her not to see Nick, he just doesn't want him around Arianna, which given the fact that he blackmailed Will into signing over his rights, is completely understandable. I don't give a rats ass who Gabi sleeps with, but I do care if her romps with Nick jeopardizes Will's relationship with his daughter.

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Re: Kettle & Pott: Karma Goes Both Ways (May Spoil)

Postby Princessrose17 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 4:20 pm

I agree that as far as crimes Will is no better than Gabbie. Why should her crime be exposed if Will's never was. That being said Gabbie's attitude is ridiculous in my opinion. She is a mother and she needs to act like a mother. Ariana should be her number one priority. The things Nick did to Will were terrible. He has every right not to want Nick around his daughter. I also can't believe that she thinks its ok to storm out of the apartment and leave her baby there for Sonny to watch after her and Sonny have an argument. Who does that? It is not his responsibility to take care of the baby. He does it because she is Will's daughter and he loves them both. She needs to realize she no longer has the freedom to run off when she feels like it. It would be one thing if it was Will she ran out on and left the baby with. He is her father. He is equally responsible for her. But Sonny is not. Then she goes running straight to Nick. Smh

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Re: Kettle & Pott: Karma Goes Both Ways (May Spoil)

Postby mille » Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:15 pm

No, Arianna is not Sonny's responsibility! When she left she should have took HER daughter with her. Sonny has No say in Williams and Gabi's raising of THEIR daughter!! Lol, two people made this child, and Sonny wasn't one of them!!

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