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Re: 8/30 DOOL Blog Is Up

Postby fadingrose » Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:59 am

Quote Rosieroserson:
Quote mille: Ugh... Just throw Samantha in Jail for next 5 years, let Elvis break her out, they go on the run and off camera!! Brady needs a lobotomy, he's so demented when it comes to the Kritter! Chad, is showing his strong bloodline in being a DiMera. His father and brother should be proud. ~)

You forgot the most important part...... Put Rafe back into a coma :D ;)

What exactly does putting Rafe into a coma accomplish, except make viewers who never liked him happy?

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Re: 8/30 DOOL Blog Is Up

Postby stjarna » Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:34 am

Ejami is the best thing of the show! ful stop! without them the show would be a complete snoozefes yet again!

Re Jennifer - I think majority is pleased that the horrific pairing with Daniel is over for good and this is a goodbye forever and ever and ever!!!
Daniel grabbing JJ was not a good call- he is noone to JJ and only Jennifer should be the one taking care of JJ as she is his parent, and Daniel is noone to him! You would expect a doctor to be wise and not act like a cavemen! This kind of behaviour pushes someone like JJ to react with even more anger!
Cuz Hope is maybe the person who should be helping Jennifer in the matter, and her brother Lucas- !
Re her being a doormat- well, she is portraited in such a way cos thi is not the Jennifer we used to know and loved- and she should get up and dust herself down and start working to deal with the core of her son's problem and not whine over the manwhore who doesn't deserve her in the first place!

Nicole- boring busybody frump.
Bristen- so over that one! as they smudged it with involving Eric!

I think if they went with a PTSD storyline with Eric it would have been more interesting, but I guess then Marlena would have nothing to to do re Kristen and their endless feud!

Chad-Cameron- Abby! How badly done! It is KM and CD who have such great chemistry and they could have capitalized on that - but they made it out that she actually wanted Cameron what the heck 8) - and it all results in - who cares!

Nick and Wilson- repetative and also boring!

Rafe- want him start moving on with Jordan- get the story going so we see Kate fuming and going against Jordan, the female PT! ~)

instead of Maggie, the helicopter mum, can we have more JUlie!!! :)

Oh, and bring back CHLOE for good! :)


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Re: 8/30 DOOL Blog Is Up

Postby mille » Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:08 pm

Lol, if Samantha and Elvis are the best things on Days, then this show is really going downhill! The only thing right now keeping this show afloat is the characters, William, Sonny, Victor with his usual one liners and Nicole, when she's not being a Daniel and Jennifer cheerleader!! ;)

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