Vocation, calling or guilt, why did Eric become

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Re: Vocation, calling or guilt, why did Eric become

Postby allmylovingdays » Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:13 am

Thats the thing I didn't believe he was totally in to his vocation and then Eric would pull me in but then he was so hypocritcal and I would question him again and then he would pull me back in. Right now I'm back to yes he feels this was the place to be but know it is all going to be dashed to the rocks off a cliff once he sees the video and I can't even imagine him romancing her but his groveling will get him to realize he had feelings for her?? ~) whatever

I've never been interested in the Thornbirds scenerio to be seen on my soap. So glad they didn't do that but what they did was much worse. JMO

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