Does Rafe deserve credit

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Does Rafe deserve credit

Postby wwwwww » Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:41 am

Does Rafe deserve credit for telling Sami to believe in EJ that he was a good lawyer and would stand by her and get her through this. I'm sure it pained him to say it but I think he knew that EJ would always help Sami. Plus maybe he realizes that Sami is extremely in love with EJ and she's never been happier with anybody else. I think Rafe and Sami will always be friends but I don't see them ever getting back together again.

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Re: Does Rafe deserve credit

Postby Rosieroserson » Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:59 am

EJ deserves credit for being bold. He tries everything in his power to save Sami. Rafe owes Sami one for her saving his life, and supporting her is the least he can do. Sami is in such a helpless situation right now that every nice move probably moves her to tears. To really help her out he should prove that Bernardi was crooked.... But it seems that Rafe needs to recover a bit more before he can do that. I'm glad that he seems willing to support her though, and I'm not at least intimidated by it. I don't have any doubts about Ejami!

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