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The Pot Donuts

Postby Freida Kloppenheimer » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:10 pm

Topic 1) Why does no one use a napkin or wear gloves to handle donuts? Gross. Both JJ's and Adrienne's grubby fingers were all over those donuts.

Topic 2) Why is Adrienne such a busy body? I'd be pissed if someone touched donuts that I made for my friends because they "looked" better, pot or no pot. Besides, both batches of donuts looked exactly the same (equally gross) so what's her problem?

Topic 3) That book club was lame. Was Nicole really having a good time? Alice in Wonderland / corny jokes / fawning over donuts? Is this what her life has amounted to? Thank goodness for those pot donuts- for her sake.

Topic 4) And finaly- in regards to MAKING pot donuts- aren't those hard to bake? Did JJ use the special magic Horton deep fryer? Next time, JJ should go the cookie-slash-brownie route, way easier than donuts.

Go make your own pot donuts Adrienne, lord knows you need them to chill out. Divorce her already Justin!

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