What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

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What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby Chrissi » Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:14 pm


I'm writing my blog for the week and would love to add some of your thoughts alongside mine.

I'd love to know which storylines are working for you, which aren't, if you feel the last two weeks gotten a little slower on the show, etc.

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby littleguysmom » Thu Aug 08, 2013 6:44 pm

Hi Chrissi ...my rant is I wish they would push the Kristen line along a little fast, getting sick of her having flash backs of her and Fr. Eric this is the most discussing story line I have ever watch. Eric is a man of the clothe, not someones play thing. I just hate this story line. What was the writers thinking when they wrote this story line. JMO. ?)

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby miladytn » Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:19 pm

Move it along with the Bernardi weapon disappearing! C'mon... look how people ran into that room. One of them has to be the culprit.

Does Rafe know who attacked him and why? One of the reasons he gets upset is because no one will answer his questions. Get real people, answer his questions and he will calm down.

Get the Kristen stuff over with SOON.

Same with Daniel and Jennifer. It's gone on too long. Break them up or put them together.

I'm liking Justin and Adrienne. Lots of good soapy stuff there.

I love Chandler Massey as Will but I do not like the gay storyline. That is my personal preference. However, I do like the actors together, just not the gay storyline.

Do something with Nick! or let the actor go.

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby holdingonfordearlife » Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:53 pm

Hi Chrissi: I love reading your recaps........they
always bring it home!! My gripe...and the basic
reason I quit watching....the way TPTB have treated
John Black and Marlena Evans....(they were a great
couple)....then...Bo is gone...(they should have fought
for him)...and Rafe....instead of giving this great
actor a great S/L...they bring his talent on to just
waste it!!! And....I don't like one bit that TPTB
are making it the Sami Brady/Wells soap opera!!! I
don't see anything special about those two people...

Love the gay storyline...it is in keeping with
reality.....Do not care for Eric...being a priest
and TPTB...having our precious Nicole falling for
him..................and the witch Kristan always
winning....it just does not fit well in my craw!

So..for me...sleeping during that period of day
is better....and reading your recap later suits
my lifestyle 100%.

Hope you have a great day!!

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby ejami2012 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:40 pm

I'm not happy Ej and Sami aren't on more. Two days is not enough. I do not like the Bernardi s/l . Sami needs out of prison ASAP. Im not happy Rafe is being put in the Ej and Sami s/lagain. They need to let that seriously go. I do however love how Ej and Sami are there for each other but we need her back with her family.

I loathe the Ktisten/Eric s/l . That should never have happened. It's disgusting.

So far this week I've only enjoyed Ej and Sami. They are acting out of the ballpark like only these two can

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby breathtaking » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:25 am

The teenage set storyline needs to get wrapped up, asap. This storyline should have never been played out especially during the summer months when TPTb are trying to draw in a younger demographic. What were they thinking showing this age group how to conceal drugs in a cell phone on school grounds? Then you got Theresa either lighting up in a public park or in her office at the hospital. Beyond Ridiculous! :0

Having Kristin defrock a priest was ludircous. TPTB are really pushing the envelope. :(

Do you know what they have decided to do about BO?

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby stjarna » Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:27 am

Hi Chrissi,
well, my usual rant is primarily Dannifer, and the way Jennifer has been dumbed down and reduced to behaving like a person who doesn't know how to command her life and needs to be told by everyone what is best for her. Her love thing with Daniel is really a mess. Breakup- being together- breakup...whatever!
I wish that Jennifer goes back to journalism and gets herself together without Daniel.

Another rant is the recent tumor scare storyline with Chad. Depressing. Plus the triangle with Abigail and Cameron is super ridiculous, as Chad and Abigail have such great chemistry and they could have built a lovely romantic story with them, that is something that a summer soap thing would be great!!! Instead she is smooching with Cameron, what is going on here- ridiculous and so disappointing.

Kristen and Eric storyline was a bad bad mistake. And disgusting. It killed my interest in Kristen,... before that her s'l with Brady was going somewhere... and it could have been way more interesting and they could have thought about some other angst- also, the thing with her and Marlena is now over- and boring actually.

I am also not pleased at all that they still put Lucas on now and again, where he could and should have a storyline and love interest.
Love him and Samantha and the friendship that has resulted out of their relationship. Also, Jennifer and him were great sister-brother... and they should actually make them working together or something. Jennifer needs a family member that is not just coming around to tell her she should be with Daniel.

Nicole bores me so much... now she is someone that goes around Salem and resolves their lives. They put her into a angel kind of a category- terrible! She is more fun scheming and doing the dirty!

Ok, enough of the ranting. Seems like there is more to rant about than rave.

Of course, as an Ejami fan- I am not really objective- LOL. Love them, and it is interesting what both Alison and James said in the interview on the couch- they are the only ones who really have a proper relationship. Ah, they just shine together. They are an example how couples should be written,imo. I don't mind the Bernardi storyline, as it is a different kind of angst for them, and realistic one- it's just that the way they constructed the shooting, and the missing razor, and that SPD is not really doing any proper investigation, at least we don't see it. They should have read some Agatha Christie novels and then maybe get a clue how a story is done. LOL- who would be Miss |Marple to find the razor and tell us how it disappeared. lol...

Love Justin. He is one character that is in the making and if they do it right, he would very interesting. Also, I would divorce him and Adrienne and put Kayla his way!!! Drama!!!

Love Will and Sonny- they are just great. Sonny in particular. Both characters are written very well...

I love the way they have involved a lot of characters in a story line- like the one with Will-gabi-Nick baby drama.
That kind of thing needs to continue. And actually also Samantha's shooting involves a lot of characters, but they also need to start showing how each character is actually involved, so at least the audience sees it and then rant or rave and be schocked etc... bring in the suspense,imo, but not the Eric-Kristen kind of a thing!

I have not included JJ, Theresa - the mischiefs of Salem- as they are not particulary rant-or raving thing for me at the moment... they will probably show how badly JJ and the rest will end up- and so they should!!! I wonder how tough will jennifer be then! Just hope they don't have Daniel and Jennifer in a I told-you-so moment, and he gets all the glory!

Love Nick as a villain!! ~)

I find it interesting how marvelous they can write for Justin, EJ, Samantha, Chad and they are really progressing- and then others like Jennifer, for example who simply are out of character and then one is left in schock like this 8) /
Good thread as there probably will be more things in future to rant and rave about.


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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby flightygirl » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:57 am

Personally I am losing interest in all of it. If ONE more characters sings the praises of Danjen I am going to lose it.... ~) Cam/Chad/Abby is dullsville. Will's insecurities are realistic but not entertaining. Nicole isn't interesting in a convent. GV is convincing as a priest but I don't necessarily want a priest in my soap...accept to hear confession. Father Matt was a perfect soap priest. I don't know what they were thinking bring back Eric as a Priest ?) Kristen raping him was waaayy over the line! I like seeing Justin more! I kiddy drug stuff is also boring.

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby condesabays » Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:13 am

Days has gone downhill ever since that change from old to new and then back to old writers. There is no continuity, s/l lines get dropped on a whim and it takes way too long to wrap up a new story line. How long had Rafe been in a coma when they announced he would be out on Monday. It took weeks! And, this is just one instance of this type of mentality we have suffered with lately. I very seldom pay much attention--only when the recap states something interesting..............

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby Chrissi » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:26 am

I love you guys! I love the posts coming in. I've had issues writing my blogs for the past few weeks when things started slowing down. There's nothing new to say and I really needed help. I added a bit to my blog to hopefully validate some of what we're all feeling.

:) I think I'll do this each week. It feels good knowing I'm not alone in my rant!

Feel free to keep posting. :)

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