What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby leighbenton » Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:51 am

I'm enjoying the Bernardi storyline. What happened to that razor? I think one of the posters on this site posted the correct theory two days ago. However, I'm getting sick of Sami's "cell scenes".'

I'm enjoying watching Adrienne going around town trying to get someone to see her side and watching her squirm. She's soooo wrong. Loved that Sonny is sticking to his man and is NOT supporting his Mom.

Speaking of Sonny.....their apartment is BORING! Remember back in the 80's when Hope and Bo had that loft? ...or even the lofts of Sean Douglas and Belle and their neighbors? Heck, even living across the hall from Dr. Dan (Stephie's old apt) has more interesting architecture! Everytime I watch a scene filmed at their apt I wish they were somewhere else filming the same scene!

Speaking of scenery, can we upgrade the 80's couch at the Kiriakis mansion? At least the DiMera mansion's couch is a classic (however, don't let Dateline take a black light to it!). LOL

Can't wait to see the new nightclub/coffee house. In real life I think the coffee house would stink the morning after all those spilled drinks. Haha!

Not enjoying Jen turn into a B@#$%! everytime Dr. Dan mentions JJ. She can be defensive of her son without being like that.

I'm interested (not enjoying) Chad - Abby - Cameron triangle. If Chad is sick, I hope Cameron does the right think and backs away from Abby.

After supporting John and Marlena for 30 years I hope John is gone for good. They've ruined the character and I never noticed his squinty bad acting before (he was so HOT in his younger years I could watch with the sound off). I hope she gets back with Roman who needs to be on the show more anyway. Wouldn't it be fun to watch their romance rekindle? That yellow suit she wore to Eric's school opening was AWFUL! She looked like Big Bird! It looked like a HOME-EC project! Marlena can't seem to find her style since she came back. Kate has never had a problem with this.....

Since I'm on a "scene" rant. I don't think it's realistic for Jenn and brood to be living in Grannies house without doing some redecorating that suits them. I'm all for tradition and stuff but a few things in storage or reupholstered wouldn't hurt. C'mon, show us how you would "re-do" it Jen! I do love that she lives there tho. Maybe she and Hope can get into a fight about that very thing and it could be a different storyline other than, falsly imprisoned characters, love triangles and who's my baby daddy storylines?

those are my thoughts......Fan since 1977!

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby HouseTops » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:13 pm

I haven't watched much of DOOL this summer, catching up is way too easy.

Want Will and Kristen gone last year. Whinny and over the top....Brady run and Sonny needs his guy to be secure and mature.

Love Justin but Adrienne going rogue, not so much.

Going to miss Chad and Gabi, go Chabi.

Find Abby Too Goody and Cameron boring.

Liking Stefano gone....his s/l's were always too much.

The core characters I love....

Wish the s/l's would move faster and not be filmed four months in advance so that if one doesn't work, get it off our screens right away!! One day is Salem takes up two weeks with the characters having the same clothes....seems just yucky.

So much happiness in the Spring....NOW....Summer everybody is mad, sad, nasty all over again. Where are the swimming
pool parties and everyone getting together???? All we have is every high school student on drugs and lying to their parents. Get it off, I can't stand it!! Lovely for the teens who are at home watching this CR@P!!


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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby MissingTheVets » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:56 pm

This show used to be a great hour in my day....now it's boring me to death. All of the power couples have been killed off, one by one....Bope, Jarlena, Jack and Jennifer, Kayla and Steve, and now they are trying to kill off Justin and Adrienne. These writers are ruining the show and turning it into a teeny-bopper joke. I miss the magic that this show used to have SO MUCH!!!

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby Chrissi » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:22 pm

Wow I'm definitely going to you each week. I'm loving reading your thoughts on the show. I agree with much of what was said.


I hope you all enjoy. I used this as a stepping stone during my writing. I didn't like what I had written so tweaked.


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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby HouseTops » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:40 pm

Kinda think EJAMI talking about their marriage through jail cell bars seems to fit with their entire relationship......
they're bad and sometimes they will be in jail.... :D :D

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby ladybelle » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:25 pm

I have been watching since the first show. This Kristin s/l is going on too long. I don't like this about the priest. We need to see more Rafe.You have such a wonderful actor and he isn't used. Speed up these s/l so we won't get lost.

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby sharon n nick 4eva » Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:46 am

EJAMI, Love Love them! :)

Daniel, get rid of him!

Bo, bring him back with a great storyline! :)

Eric, has got to go BORING!

I want more of Victor and Maggie.

Hope, would like to see her more!

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby deidnbella » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:06 pm

Quote flightygirl: Personally I am losing interest in all of it. If ONE more characters sings the praises of Danjen I am going to lose it.... ~) Cam/Chad/Abby is dullsville. Will's insecurities are realistic but not entertaining. Nicole isn't interesting in a convent. GV is convincing as a priest but I don't necessarily want a priest in my soap...accept to hear confession. Father Matt was a perfect soap priest. I don't know what they were thinking bring back Eric as a Priest ?) Kristen raping him was waaayy over the line! I like seeing Justin more! I kiddy drug stuff is also boring.

I agree here with Flightygirl.. Except, I want to add one more thing... BRADY/KRISTEN/MARLANA.... What were the writers doing here? It's like they all of sudden thought, "HEY! WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING WITH THESE THREE, SO...LET'S JUST START ALL OVER AND DO IT AGAIN!"? It's way to old and repetitive! I love the three actors, but seriously, they (the writers) could have found something else to have them doing! Just my opinion!!!!

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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby Shannon » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:29 pm

Sadly, I think the writers would have, but Eileen told them in March that she would be leaving. So, I'm sure they went this route for typical Dimera drama and a soapy exit. Can't verify it, but that's what I think happened. Kristen was "this" close to being redeemed with Brady and they could be the next supercouple IMO. The writers could have had them actually marry and move on. But, when ED said she was leaving, maybe that's when the Father Eric storyline came about? IDK That's how I'm kinda seeing it though.

I do like John being gone!

I would like Roman and Marlena back together (but the old Roman. Sorry, I'm not a Josh Taylor fan)

Love Theresa and can't wait to see Kimberly soon!

Still don't care for Danifer.

Maybe, Kayla and Daniel?? IDK, but Jennifer and him are not it.

Love Adrienne/Justin/Sonny storyline. Good drama and reminds us just how exceptional Judy Evans is when given the material!


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Re: What're you ranting/raving about on Days this week

Postby zuzu61 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:26 pm

Bring in the New Faces and allow them to be a SUPPORTING Actor/Actress of the Veterans S/L's.
NOT USE the Actors that have stuck with DOOL for YEARS & YEARS to Prop & Pimp the Newcomers.
The Fans are intelligent and can decide whether or not an actor is "a GOOD Person" without writing the Veterans to Repeat it every day, every other line.
The More the favs are shoved and forced, the more the fans resist to accept them. JMO.

I won't even get started on the teen drug S/l & the Raping of a Priest. Shame on he writers that had the nerve to write such disrespectful garbage.. Sorry, but that's what these 2 S/L's are.

Every word should be written with the 100% confidence that THIS IS a potential Emmy Winner.

AND... PLEASE... The BEST Academy Award Winning Movies Ever Made ends in 2 hours.. WHY drag out these s/l's for months.. Again.. JMO

I still have HOPE!! I LOVE DOOL and I will continue to have HOPE until either I or Days end. :)

Rave... Thanks for Alice's kitchen and the Girls Book Club.
Where were Maggie & Caroline??? Get Sami out of that hell hole. Give Hope & Abe a GREAT s/l investigating.
Sorry.. OK OK I'll stop. :]

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