The official end of safe

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Re: The official end of safe

Postby sharon n nick 4eva » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:22 pm

Quote Rosieroserson:
Quote dazgonby:
Quote Rosieroserson:
Quote Rosieroserson:
Quote mille: Well as much as I like the character Rafe, I don't want him back with Samantha. But Elvis and Samantha are "FAR" from the end game. His faaatha will see to that. And since Samantha Jean Brady dose not think before she reacts, Stefano will use her like a puppet, pulling her strings anyway he wants too! :)

Steffy could definately be a challenge. But I think Ejami is so aware of him and his ways that they've prepared themselves better this time. Even the impulsive and sensitive Samantha. They also know and love eachother with fewer secrets between them than before! I really wonder if EJ's attemt to get rid of his father and taking over his empire will succeed?! Steffy is a cunning man...... smart to the fingertips.....he also taught EJ everything he knows....... And Samantha is a force to be reconed with!

As for Safe, I don't see a future for them. Why can't Rafe get Carrie or someone similar?! It's obvious that they've got the right chemistry!

Many Ejamis believe that Carrie is the right one for Rafe. What do you think?

If Carrie was suppose to be Rafe's true love then why did he give it up so easily and go back after Sami?

I found it embarrasing to even watch them especially in their so called office...everything about that was just stupid...right down to the 2 desks being inches apart!

So I never did see this so called chemistry for Rafe and Carrie...he certainly was not her greatest love unless everyone she is involved in at the moment is her greatest love.

Carrie/Nicole/Kate are the ones that Rafe knew would hurt Sami the most.

I have always said that Rafe needs to have someone new and YOUNG (and not related to Sami in any way) so he can have his own kids with...and I don't think that they need to degrade Sami while they do this...just MOVE ON!

Maybe he should be with someone with a daddy complex? Who'll need a father substitute to belittle her?! Roofus would be the perfect care taker, molding his woman like clay.


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