Kate Ejami Stefano spoiler

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Kate Ejami Stefano spoiler

Postby wwwwww » Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:38 am

So Sami has a change of heart when she realizes how deeply Kate loves Rafe. That's great it looks like she was just concerned for Rafe rather than in love with him ,and it looks like EJ is close to taking over Stefano's empire. I don't think EJ will keep it for long it's just a story to help Stefano and EJ get over their issues like when they did that same story with Victor and Brady. Hopefully Ejami have a great wedding this time and make it work forever like Bo and Hope they never have got divorced even when they were close to they never did. Hopefully Sami and EJ are truly happy this time the last two weddings I didn't like Sami wasn't happy the first one because of the blackmail and the second she was thinking about Rafe although I think she knew EJ was the first choice.

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