Days Recap: Excellent Sense. June 11

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Days Recap: Excellent Sense. June 11

Postby Candace » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:58 pm

Brady listens as Eric makes a call looking for him at the church. Brady says he owes him an apology. Eric admits he was pushing him hard. Brady says he was right. They embrace. Eric then asks Brady to forgive himself. Brady says he ripped the family apart because he was stupid. Eric thinks Kristen is to blame, but realizes the remaining problem is John. Brady won’t discuss it. They part smiling.

Outside the pub, John tells Marlena his feelings for Kristen aren’t dead. Marlena smacks him across the face and tells him he destroys everything. Marlena rehashes how he told her he hated Kristen, and then forgave her. She says it turned out that not trusting him made excellent sense. John insists he was only thinking of Brady. Marlena says he had to have feelings to take it so far. She says he’s worse than Kristen. She’s done.

At the square, Nicole and Kristen tell each other to stay away from Brady. Kristen shoves Nicole who lands on the ground. She gets up and shoves back. A woman intervenes briefly. Nicole tells Kristen the difference between them is that she is always honest with Brady while Kristen deceived him. Kristen brings up Eric. Nicole says Brady wouldn’t believe her if she told him. She warns Kristen she’s not going anywhere. Kristen thinks Nicole would use Brady. Nicole says they are friends, sometimes friends with benefits, and she’s available if he wants to bury his rage – because he hats Kristen. Slapping and a catfight ensues. Brady appears and breaks it up. Eric, Marlena, and John appear as Kristen tries to ‘explain’ to Brady. He tells her he’s grown to hate her. Kristen insists she fell in love with him. He assures he they’re over. Kristen goes. Nicole and Eric ask Brady if he’s okay. He spots John. Nicole leaves with Eric. Brady glares at John and stalks off. John catches up. Meanwhile, Marlena has caught up with Kristen.

At the hospital, Gabi tells Katie she’s feeling overwhelmed. Kate says it looks like she’ll get her happy ending.

On a porch, Stefano recalls giving the orders to ‘cut it off’ and grins.

EJ arrives at the hospital. Maxine tells him Sami is visiting with Rafe.

In Rafe’s room, Sami spots Bernardi standing over Rafe with the razor and shoots him. Kayla enters and tells her to put the gun down. EJ reaches Sami next.

Abe tells Hope she’s in the clear in the café. She says she messed up. Abe points out that Will and Nick are alive because of her. Hope gets a call to the hospital.

Kate and Gabi arrive in Rafe’s hospital room, exclaiming, but Maxine quickly ushers them out. EJ appeals to Sami to give him the gun. Gabi hears Sami says the man was going to kill Rafe. EJ puts the firearm in a plastic bag as Bernardi is wheeled away. Kate hisses at EJ that he knows exactly who is responsible Gabi asks her who would try to kill Rafe? Kate pretends not to know. Gabi wonders why Sami had a gun. Kate says she gave it to her. Hope and Abe appear. Hope wonders how the guy was going to kill Rafe. Abe works to get Rafe transferred. Maxine takes Gabi to check on her baby while Kate leaves to take care of something. Meanwhile, Sami’s hyperventilating and tells EJ she had to protect Rafe. She thinks Stefano is behind it. Hope and Abe join them. EJ tells them not to blame the DiMeras; Sami’s not thinking clearly, but saved Rafe’s life. Sami recounts what happened in Rafe’s room. Kayla gives Abe the ID from Bernardi’s body. He tells Hope, Sami, and EJ that the man she shot was Detective Bernardi. Sami flashes to fighting him in the park and insists he was going to kill Rafe with a knife. Abe tells Sami the detectives went over the room – there was no knife or weapon found at all.

At home, Stefano triumphantly conducts to orchestra music. Suddenly he gets a call and asks, smiling, “Do you have a souvenir for me?” His face changes. “No!” Later, Kate arrives. She knows Stefano expected her. Kate warns Stefano to think long and hard before trying to kill Rafe again, and send his thugs after her too because she will do anything and everything to make sure he’s a dead man. Stefano tuts.

At the church, Nicole tells Eric she’s really worried about Brady. Eric asks how involved in his life she plans on getting. She tells him goodnight.

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Re: Days Recap: Excellent Sense. June 11

Postby holdingonfordearlife » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:36 pm

I couldn't fall I watched the show...what
is Abe doing? Doesn't he have the knife in that envelope??
Is he a bad cop the one Stephno has in his

Why does Abe wish to hold out on Sami???

Man...even lying in a coma....Rafe is gorgeous!!!!

And Nicole....she really socked it to that hussy...didn't
she...and thank you Brady...for taking your stand!!

Looked like John's neck was almost broken....what the
dickens is going on with that......I guess he realizes
what a mess he made of things.....writers should not
have done that to him and Doc!!!! Don't know what
they were thinking!!!

littleguysmom..............sounds like you are a
home care personage..............I admire that in
people..............bearigan is in some sort of
healthcare also. I was for so many many years and
my granddaughter is a paramedic...full fledged and
loves it.

Now I'm off to least I hope
so...cause I think the "woof woof" has sent his eyes
over here in Virginia.....I feel them on me!!!:)) :)) :))

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Re: Days Recap: Excellent Sense. June 11

Postby zuzu61 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:07 pm

?? Should this be under Daily updates??? Just asking, because I don't see one there?? Confused. Thanks. :]

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Re: Days Recap: Excellent Sense. June 11

Postby ldiablo » Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:38 pm

Condesabays every little bit counts so having said that GO HAWKS LOL.
I am so excited that today looks like the day Kristy will get her way
overdue comeuppance at the hands of my sweet little Nichole DING-DING
oh-yeah. The new peoples champion of Salem she will make everyone in
town grateful and only the DiMera's hate her even more then usual oh
well. Begone old reptile John Black you are an embarassment as an ex
secret agent and a man. Wow Sami if this is how you act around a man
that you don't love watch out for the poor sap that messes with the
one you do love, Stonecold Sami? Marlena give the reptile a break he
probably is suffering from crecian formula overdosing. WHAT A PIG!
St. Rafe could have been castrated and bleeding to death and the fat
Devil is playing loud music. Kate knows who to blame and she may have
to get justice for her great lover and sometimes friend. I AM SO TEAM
NICHOLE right now and in some strange way Kristy is looking kind of
hot to me? Steff if you wanted a souvenir of Rafe's manhood I'm sure
Salem has at least one or two adult novelties stores to shop at. I
hope a stooge of the Devil's doesn't make the straight razor go and
disappear? St. Rafe was on fire today showing so much emotion and
Oscar caliber performance oops grammy I mean. Today's show has been
some kind of exciting roller coaster ride and no Dannifer's drama to
drag down the shows pace. It is not looking good for Lucy and
especially when the video comes out of her riding Bernardi like a
pony thru town. DiMera magic strikes again what murder weapon at the
crime scene poof proof is GONE. In Salem the Keystone cops are cheaper
by the dozen hahaha.
>) >)

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