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Re: Kate

Postby zuzu61 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:29 am

Quote stjarna:
Quote allmylovingdays: When she heard EJ took down Stefano was that a look of envy and was it aimed at Sami or both?

hearing that EJ took over the DiMera enterprises and went against Father- I think left her gobsmacked!!!

It's telling her also that EJ is not someone to be messed with!!!

I want Ejami to bring her down!!!

I find it funny how obsessed she is with Rafe already! Soon she will be controling things there... so chummy with Gabi! Yuck!

So you think Kate will Be controlling "RH Enterprises"? lol
:-) :-)
Just kidding.. No I didn't say that. That was terrible!! haha
ugh. I agree. Kate and Gabi!! BFF's!! lol. :-) :-) :-)

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Re: Kate

Postby fadingrose » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:38 am

Quote moma: Wasn't there a story coming for her to get sick again?
Yes.. Rafe slept with her but I don't think it was a revenge thing. The writers are writing him very "noble" these days and this just doesn't fit. I do wonder why tptb are keeping him in a coma for so long though. Usually coma storylines don't last this long.
Btw I like Kafe....for now but I think Kate really shined with Stephano.

Why factor in "revenge"? Here are two attractive single people with normal needs. Rebound sex was their motive at the start--though maybe true affection comes later, as it can in many real=life relationships.

P.S. It is "criminal" to drag out this coma s/l, leaving Rafe in limbo far too long. Is he gone for good, maybe--or being recast? The powers-that-be have allowed the writers to do the same with Bo, unfairly angering many fans....

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Re: Kate

Postby dazgonby » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:21 pm

Sorry but Rafe is not even on the same level with Bo, eventho he clearly took his place.

His scenes coming out of the coma are hideous and now all of a sudden Kate is glued to his bedside...rather strange when they have no idea what he remembers...funny how that is.

Kate went on and on how Stefano was the love of her life, but now it is Rafe because he is the perfect lover...but she has plenty of experience with the "people with normal needs department".
I guess she likes it down on her knees ;)

Liked her so much better with Stefano >)

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