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Re: Sami choosing Ej

Postby stjarna » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:58 am

Quote mama rosa: If Sami goes to Wells it should be because she has clearly made up her mind that she loves Wells more than she loves Rafe......Not because she is mad and acting out like a spoiled brat,and having that I'll get back at you,I'll show you crap....Soon Wells will realize just what Sami is doing....I think Wells deserves love making not spite sex!
I sure hope Sami's not jerking Wells chain again.... ;)

Yes- she needs to woman-up and finally admit it is EJ she really actually loves!!! I think Mr Wells wants to know too how she really feels- and it is not just another sexthing only! Spite-sex?!- interesting term! :-)

even the writers should know that she cannot go on back and forth- back and forth forever- surely!!!LOL :-)

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Re: Sami choosing Ej

Postby HouseTops » Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:21 pm

Quote stjarna:
Quote tariro:
Quote suz21:
Quote stjarna:
Quote Rosieroserson: We know for sure that these writers are pro Safe and that they love triangles!
I think Sami loves EJ, but she's reluctant because of the Brady-Dimera history. Her family also expects her to choose Rafe. It's Safe and supposedly the 'right thing' to do. I firmly believe she loves Elvis passionately, but she's afraid of losing herself, becoming one of his puppets. She knows his stenghts and his weaknesses. Rafe might be physically stronger, but E.J is psychologically the stongest man Sami has ever met in her life. He ressembles her, and she knows it from the bottom of her heart!

I am beyond now about the choosing business- simply had enough. LOL
Truth be told - EJ should be with someone lovely sweet dear- he deserves it. But -EJAMI IS JUST MAGIC TOGETHER!!! And everything falls in the water.... the choosing, the silliness on Samantha's part- :| - she can go to :| million times over- nothing there- no love story, no chemistry, just endless boredom!!!!

Ejami is loved by the majority of fans- that's simple facts!!!
it's actually EJ who chose Samantha!!! :D

Now let me understand this, you said EJ should have someone lovely, sweet and dear, now in what universe should this happen and why does he deserve it. Sami doesn't love EJ, actually they have never shown love for each other it has always been about sex, they are to me disgusting. I still think Rafe is too good for Sami but he is the better man, because he doesn't suck up to her and say the things she wants to hear, but EJ, he'll tell her all the things she wants to hear because he want to WIN her, he doesn't like rejection and will not accept anything less. Why in the hell are they fighting for this woman she really isn't worth it with her loud, obnoxious rantings and self-centerness.

I'm one of those people who would just for a little while like to see EJ with someone really sweet,why? Firstly is because I'm a big fan of the character and I love how unpredictable and layered he is and though I ultimately love him with Sami , to me they are just two sides of the same coin -they are both not really "good people" and are capable of pretty much the same stuff. I don't really think Ej just tells Sami what she wants to hear just for the sake of it,he is a charmer for sure and gives compliments to women really easily; thats just a part of his nature but I also think he genuinely revels in Sami's behaviour whatever it might be ,he's not there to change her because he knows he isn't any better himself,he sees her clearly but actually likes what he sees. The idea of him being with someone sweet just for a little while, is for me because I miss his scenes with Lexie,the way she was always sort of his conscience and just because it would be something different for him though of course he should always get back together with Sami!

I still think EJ and Abigail ~) 8) - what drama would that be with mama Jennifer! :D ~) 8) ;) :D

Abigail is sssooooooooo boring and way too young!!. 8)
The writers have already tried quiet and goody two shoes, Nicole and her sister and "the love of his life with the scarf". The characters' names escape me. ?) How boring and lasting were they?

EJ needs Samantha, his equal...boiling over hot and crazy!! The future will prove that!!

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Re: Sami choosing Ej

Postby Rosieroserson » Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:48 pm

EJail intrigues me and I think he could teach miss 'goody two shoes' some hot stuff:-) Abby is different from Taylor and she'd easily egnite like a rocket when E.J lits the match....... Either that or Chad rapidly maturing. He's too young now to fulfill her innermost needs!!!!! Cameron could pair up with a nurse at the hospital!

However.........nothing ever comes close to Ejami! They're crazy in love and I hope they'll lock lips forever!

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