Hope is going to far

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Re: Hope is going to far

Postby Kristian » Mon Dec 04, 2006 6:58 pm

Quote SamiBrady_Chelsea:
Quote bearrie:
Quote capcat: I agree hope is going too far. bo will only take so much and that will be it. not fair to make this man who is her husband who adores her make him beg her.

Was it fair to Hope that she had to watch her baby DIE because of Chelsea's recklessness?
Was it fair to Hope that everything Chelsea did, she got away with? Where is that SMALL sense of justice that Hope should have gotten watching her son's MURDERER go to JAIL for the rest of her miserable life? Knowing that her step daughter KILLED her baby was bad enough. Hope couldn't DO anything to fix that. The ONLY kind of satisfaction she was going to get was to see Chelsea justly punished. Instead, Chelsea got off with a slap on the wrist, no thanks to her parents.
How should Hope feel when time and again, Bo sees the importance of running to Chelsea or Billie's rescue and leaving HOPE hanging? If HOPE is the LOVE of BO's life, then WHO should be of utmost importance? HOPE. But Bo seems to not get that logic. Chelsea and Billie HAS to come a DISTANT second to HOPE, SHAWN and ZACH. Bo seemes to not have HIS priorities in order. For that, you CAN NOT blame Hope when she doubts Bo. He's giving her reasons to doubt him. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Bo's actions leave many to believe that Hope comes second to Billie and Chelsea. Bo needs to change that before Hope can truly believe in Bo again.

I still would have to agree that she is being a bit to harsh now, but like Chrissi said in another thread, I'm sure her hormones are raging with being pregnant and her trust is just a little shocked still, so of course she isn't trusting her instincts as much right now, she is being extremely cautious

Chealsi killed her son what if chealsi killed Hope and Bo forgave her how would you feel then.

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Re: Hope is going to far

Postby happi » Fri Dec 08, 2006 4:29 pm

Quote HOOKED: I was on Hope's side at frist. Now she is going to far. Give me a break she acts like she never did anything in her life wrong. give it up HOPE you are not perfect. ~)

so true.. maybe bo should stop chasing hope and just leave her instead of trying to prove to her he loves her. she has to know he loves her,but he also loves his kids.

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