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Postby monson2002 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:10 am

Quote LuvBoHope:
Quote monson2002:
Quote LuvBoHope:
Quote monson2002:
Quote LuvBoHope:
Quote monson2002:
Quote Ruby7370: He has left and come back many times. Bo was even recast at one point. He'll be back again.

I wonder if he'll return to the show or not I mean Renee
( Lexie ) made it perfectly clear that she didn't want to
be brought back from the dead .

First of all, Peter has not "left & come back MANY times"! He left once years ago to do Knots Landing - don't think there've been any other departures by him - Kristian left once to do Falcon's Crest (both nighttime soaps) - so it's not like they've left & returned a LOT. He got recast years ago & Bo was paired with Billie at that time. Can't see that happening now either & don't see him returning again (besides, the show won't last much longer after this hit - they're BARELY hanging on now & he has a BUNCH of fans), so this is a very serious decision the show is making. Personally, I think it's a HUGE risk and they won't survive - we'll see how it plays out! Not sure what Peter has in mind for himself, but that won't affect those of us who watch DAYS. I know I won't be watching when he goes because MY interest was Bo & Hope - just MY choice because they WERE the best imo & DAYS has no appeal without them!!!!

Ok first off I was agreeing with Ruby7370 on the fact that he left before and it was twice he was on from 1983-1987
and returned in 1990 and left in 1992 and second I bet he will return later actors and actress' have left the show before and come back but it all depends on the actors and actress' if they want to return .

You may be right about his leaving twice - still a huge difference in leaving "MANY" times and coming back. THIS particular time is ALL the difference in the world, however, with the show BARELY hanging on for life. Doubt if Peter has it in his mind to ever "return" again with this departure and I doubt VERY seriously if there would be this show to return to anyway. It may have been cancelled soon anyway because of the set-in low ratings they can't seem to climb out of, but with a character as popular as Bo being let go it is highly doubtful DAYS will survive after this imo!

Ok again I DID NOT SAY Peter left the show many times
Ruby did and I understand your feelings torwards this but
you don't have to be rude about it . He has left before and
returned so he may or may not return .

"Rude"? Never my intention and I, too, understand YOUR feelings - always appreciate & respect others' viewpoints - but I don't see where my comments were rude at all! So sorry you took it that way! Yes, he "may or may not return", but imo (which is strong on this subject because I'm going to miss this show I've watched & loved for nearly half a century) as low as the ratings are and as weak as the writing's been (and the disconnect/loss of the history of the show & it's established characters) it's going to be extremely hard not to get cancelled. I may be wrong about this, but I don't see the show lasting long enough THIS TIME for Peter to be going & coming again. Just MY thoughts - not in a "rude" fashion at all!!

The rude part was that you thought I said he left many times which was Ruby's comment not mine .

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