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Re: Chloe's wardrobe

Postby SandraJ » Fri May 21, 2010 12:27 pm

Quote choochifer1: I used to think that KA was the most beautiful woman on TV (on DOOL). She still is very beautiful- But I think that NB is absolutely gorgeous- I thought she was prettiest when she was with (the old) Brady. She was often filmed in jeans, and a flannel shirt, and french braided hair. She was so beautiful!

She still is, but she could use a little less makeup and GET RID OF THE BUMPIT!

OMgoodness, I absolutely agree that the hump in the top of her head has to go. NB/Chloe is gorgeous and will still be gorgeous, as you said, in a flannel shirt, straight or braided hair and no makeup

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