Martha Madsen

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Martha Madsen

Postby snl899 » Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:13 pm

Hey ,
I remember awhile back they said Martha was Pregnant.. Does anyone know what she had?

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Re: Martha Madsen

Postby choc_dreams » Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:02 pm

I heard she wasn't pregnant, that was just her shape. I could be wrong though.

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Re: Martha Madsen

Postby jenpelida » Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:16 pm

I am not remembering who Martha Madsen is, can you refresh my memory?

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Re: Martha Madsen

Postby TAJMSareD » Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:02 pm

Martha Madison played the last Belle Black Brady, and no she was not pregnant, she said she and her husband weren't ready for a baby yet.

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