DOOL Live Thread for 12/9 Show. (Spoilers Within)

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Re: DOOL Live Thread for 12/9 Show. (Spoilers Within)

Postby DOOL.Rox » Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:29 pm

Quote Chrissi: Thanks bghwme. :)

Yes, I think Brady's goodness throws me. He's so sweet and good and I want him to be happy and haha keep ignoring the fact that he's an addict and should be with nobody right now, much like Lucas!! :P

Good for you for dumping that guy. He obviously needed to get help. I hope he has!!

Well there's a woman with Sydney in the teasers, who wears a long black coat as Mrs. Robinson did. Or perhaps as Fay did. I like your idea and considering how angry and ragey EJ has been, I have to wonder if you're right. It's interesting! :)

That's what I want with Hope and Carly as well. Both strong women who I would like to see on friendlier terms. :)

I'm going to post another live thread today at 3 for anyone who wants to read or chat. I'll try to answer all but if I can't just please don't think I'm ignoring!! :)

cant wait for the live thread!! how is it you get to see the episodes before everyone?

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Re: DOOL Live Thread for 12/9 Show. (Spoilers Within)

Postby Bizzie Fan » Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:58 pm

I think Hope and Carly could become a poweful friendship. bghwme

I think that if Bo would tell Hope this secret that Hope would help him and even help Carly. Hope is not a bad person. I don't know why the writers are doing this to her and Bo. If Bo and Hope were to together and Carly with someone else. I might could see Hope and Carly being kinda friends. I just don't want Carly with Bo.

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