Democratic no bash part 2

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Re: Democratic no bash part 2

Postby shalaydra75 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:41 pm

BrianRose wrote:Trump supporter thought president would only deport ‘bad hombres.’ Instead, her husband is being deported.

If her husband somehow manages to remain in the United States, he should rethink being married to such a stupid person. I feel sorry for him and his kids. Trump is a pathological liar and he lied throughout the campaign and continues to lie. He is a cruel, despicable person who lies as easily as he breathes and mocks and maligns people, even disabled people, and the vile and disgusting things he has said about women is beyond the pale. There is no swamp he won't slither around and wallow in.

That is how bigotry and classism survive from generation to generation. People always think that the racist bully is talking about other people and not them.

I keep in mind Joy Reed's commentary about Conservatives losing their moral high ground as they can never lecture Liberals on morality and patriotism. Since the Southerners took over the Republican party, they can to ever began to talk to Democrats about common sense, personal responsiblity and decency.

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