Democratic no bash part 2

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Re: Democratic no bash part 2

Postby Palski » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:26 pm

kenya12 wrote:I have never heard of amway so I did some research. What a rotten family I bet they are worse than bernie madoff when it comes to ponzi schemes check out this article called How betsy devos used God and amway to take over michigan politics on politico website

Read it. Thank you. I knew she was a snake. A venomous one, at that!

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Re: Democratic no bash part 2

Postby SaraG1000 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:42 pm

tionne12 wrote:
shalaydra75 wrote:
SaraG1000 wrote:Trump has asked comedian/talk and game show host, Steve Harvey to assist Ben Carson on fixing Housing and the inner cities. I am angry with Steve for letting himself be used in this way. Trump does not meet with black leaders from congress, governors, mayors or anyone who might truly be knowledgeable or qualified to create positive change. While I admire Mr. Harvey's work with youth and his ability to overcome obstacles from his past life, I do not think he is qualified to offer any solutions. Ben Carson even said his only experience with housing was from living in the inner city and treating patients from there. He has admitted he's not qualified so now we have a comedian chosen to assist him. I notice that Trump picks people like Kanye West and Don King as examples of positive black Americans. It is insulting and I'm not sure why people are mislead by this tactic. It just shows that Trump thinks of black Americans as entertainers and nothing more. Plus, I'm tired of him referring to the inner cities as the only section of society where minorities live. On top of that, he describes those areas as hell holes. This man is such a racist and I'm puzzled that so many don't recognize it and so many do but don't care. I hope Steve Harvey comes to his senses. Or, maybe he sees this as an opportunity to expand his fan base and that he's got his original fan group in his pocket. This might become a problem because some of his fans are trashing him on Twitter and elsewhere.

Now, Trump is ranting over John Lewis, a distinguished civil rights champion, successful congressman and good family man. Mr. Lewis said Trump is an illegitimate president because of the Russian influence and I think he is totally correct in his opinion. Ironically, some of Trump's supporters are coming out to say nobody ever challenged Barack Obama as being an illegitimate president. Last time I checked, 20 congress people were refusing to attend the inauguration.

I agree with this post especially the part in red. Trump's racism led him to believe that Mr. Lewis represents the inner city.
Regarding steve harvey he has received a lot of backlash for meeting with trump there is a petition going around to have his show axed and now it has been reported that 60 congress people have refused to go to his inauguration. I will not be watching and from what I hear it will be the most boring event ever. I tell you what I will watch the protests march that night and the women's march. I watched the last press conference that obama made I know he was trying to put on a positive face but you can tell that he is worried about this country and the looks on the reporters faces were like they were so sad to see him go. He might have not have the best relationship with the press but he was always respectful towards them. They are going to have a rough job dealing with trump.

I think you are absolutely right about President Obama trying to be optimistic and put on a brave face. In spite of his words, I watched his face closely and I think he is very concerned. I think he was giving us all a warning of what could happen and putting people on notice to be diligent in keeping informed and working to ensure a better government. That might really work for those who have not lost hope. As I said before, I'm not at that place yet. I campaigned for President Obama both times and did what I could to help. Some people are trying to get excited about preparing for the next local/state elections. At this point, I'm not up to doing anything else for the new people who might seek office considering all the cheating that took place from other powers in this recent election. I think the republicans will just get even more skilled at cheating and receiving help from outside sources and nothing will be done about it. How could this country get into a position where a man like Trump could not only win, but put together a cabinet of such awful people? I realized the republicans control congress and the executive branch but there should be a few decent people in that bunch willing to go against party lines and not approve these appointees. Regarding the press, I hope they will be relentless in hounding him and everyone connected to him. I thought we would not be bothered with coverage of his big day until tomorrow but the stations have been filled with crap about the celebrations all day. I'm fed up with his presidency already and he hasn't even started yet. Sorry for the rant. Thank goodness for the Hallmark channels and the TCM station.

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Re: Democratic no bash part 2

Postby SaraG1000 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:57 pm

loveridge wrote:
Palski wrote:
kenya12 wrote:I dont know if anyone has been keeping up with hearings the democrats have been asking some hard questions and these people that trump has picked in his cabinets are dumber than a box of rocks. This guy price has been investing in stocks illegally and some have suggested insider trading on his part this devos woman does not know anything about education she is dumb as a box of rocks the only who seems to be on top of his game is mad dog mathis he is very astute when it comes to the military but he is crazy as heck. My God what have this country gotten itself in And as far as these people upset about losing their healthcare well you should have educated yourself on the facts instead of listening to a raving lunatic. Dont feel sorry for them at all sorry.

omg kenya The appointee for Education was horrifying. Just appalling! Her comment about having guns in schools in case of grizzlies is trending. Her comments on disabled students despicable! She's a snake.

Devos is a nut just like the rest of trump's cabinet picks and lord have mercy the doctor I forget his name at the moment is suppose to head up hud this idiot does not know anything about the housing dept. Good lord where did he get these fools from. I am so glad that democrats are grilling them. Oh man I miss obama already at least his people were qualified and not some zombie mindless space cadets and this munichen idiot he was the one who crashed the housing market OMG I dont knpw what else to say :? :? :?

Dr. Ben Carson is a well known surgeon and I don't understand why Trump didn't select him for Surgeon General if anything at all. At least he has a medical background. The problem is that Trump hears Housing and Urban Development and in his warped mind it translates to black because somehow the word urban has become a euphemism for black. Trump refers to the inner cities as a place where all black people live. I swear the man has been living in his own bubble. He felt he owed Dr. Carson a position and this is the best he was willing to come up with. Carson has said he doesn't know anything about housing or the "inner cities."

You are right that DeVos is nutty and the last I heard Michigan had the worst schools and test scores imaginable. She is all for vouchers and charter schools and it is believed she deliberately ruined the school system in her state.
Trump's cabinet is a box of nuts.

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