Democratic no bash part 2

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Re: Democratic no bash part 2

Postby shalaydra75 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:59 pm

SaraG1000 wrote:Trump has asked comedian/talk and game show host, Steve Harvey to assist Ben Carson on fixing Housing and the inner cities. I am angry with Steve for letting himself be used in this way. Trump does not meet with black leaders from congress, governors, mayors or anyone who might truly be knowledgeable or qualified to create positive change. While I admire Mr. Harvey's work with youth and his ability to overcome obstacles from his past life, I do not think he is qualified to offer any solutions. Ben Carson even said his only experience with housing was from living in the inner city and treating patients from there. He has admitted he's not qualified so now we have a comedian chosen to assist him. I notice that Trump picks people like Kanye West and Don King as examples of positive black Americans. It is insulting and I'm not sure why people are mislead by this tactic. It just shows that Trump thinks of black Americans as entertainers and nothing more. Plus, I'm tired of him referring to the inner cities as the only section of society where minorities live. On top of that, he describes those areas as hell holes. This man is such a racist and I'm puzzled that so many don't recognize it and so many do but don't care. I hope Steve Harvey comes to his senses. Or, maybe he sees this as an opportunity to expand his fan base and that he's got his original fan group in his pocket. This might become a problem because some of his fans are trashing him on Twitter and elsewhere.

Now, Trump is ranting over John Lewis, a distinguished civil rights champion, successful congressman and good family man. Mr. Lewis said Trump is an illegitimate president because of the Russian influence and I think he is totally correct in his opinion. Ironically, some of Trump's supporters are coming out to say nobody ever challenged Barack Obama as being an illegitimate president. Last time I checked, 20 congress people were refusing to attend the inauguration.

I agree with this post especially the part in red. Trump's racism led him to believe that Mr. Lewis represents the inner city.

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