Republican No Bash Thread

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Re: Republican No Bash Thread

Postby walkerfan10 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:41 pm

RaisedRight wrote:Did you know that there are 9 US Consulates and 1 Embassy in Mexico where non-US Citizens can apply for asylum without any risk of being separated from their children......Instead, Liberals encourage dangerous ILLEGAL border crossings by turning their children into "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" cards......

Hey raisedright. I have to agree with you on this issue. We have to secure our borders by any means necessary. If it is illegal they should not be doing it. they need to go through the proper channels like everyone else. These kids are not responsible and these parents know that before they even try to bring them across the border. Are the people who are coming in here illegally even vaccinated or had any kind of shots. I know we have to do it to go to another country. who knows what kinds of diseases they are bringing along with them. Everyone Republican and Democrat needs to stop this from happening. We need more law and order.

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Re: Republican No Bash Thread

Postby Sillycone » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:48 pm

President Trump was set up last Friday when Rosenstein announced the indictment of 12 Russians in the 2016 Presidential Election to where he HAD to address the topic with Vladimir Putin at the #HelsinkiSummit

Nothing in the indictments affected the results in the 2016 election, PERIOD
Mueller has no evidence of collusion, but it is true that the Russians have tried to hack Americans for over 10 years.
President Trump had every right to defend himself and blame Obama at the Press Conference.

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