OMAROSA is heating things up in the Big Brother House !!!

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OMAROSA is heating things up in the Big Brother House !!!

Postby ghxfan19835 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:04 pm

For those not in the know or who missed some of this, Shannon Elizabeth comes out to the kitchen where the supposed girl alliance has decided to let Omarosa know that they would like to talk to her together. This is after they voted out Chuck Lidell behind her back, thereby not keeping her in the loop, and making it obvious that they had flipped on her. And witness smart-as-a-whip Omarosa cut through the bull with lawyer-like precision:

(In the kitchen)

Shannon: You okay?

Omarosa: Are you?

Shannon: We can all talk whenever you want.

Omarosa: Let's talk separately. Let's have a one-on-one.

Shannon: (stammers) But, like, give us a chance to explain first.. as a group..

Omarosa: I wanna talk to you separate.. and you know why. Shall we?... Shall we?

(Shannon and Omarosa have gone into one of the bedrooms, where Shannon is easily able to be cross-examined and inevitably trips herself up)

Shannon: ....So we felt like we can't trust her (speaking about Keshia Knight Pulliam) so we started looking at that so..

Omarosa: (cutting her off) Who's the "we"?

Shannon: It was us.. the rest of the alliance.

Omarosa: You had an opportunity to tip me off and I would have voted with you all.

Shannon: I was told not to say a word.

Omarosa: By who?

Shannon: The group.. I have to go with the gr..

Omarosa: (cuts her off again) So who's running this group if it's not you?

Shannon: Everyone's a part of it, nobody's looked at..

Omarosa: You're not going to convince me that Marissa or Brandy (Glanville) is coming up with strategy, I'm sorry, that would be laughable to anyone who's a Big Brother person..


So basically, they expected Omarosa to believe that even though she is supposedly still in the alliance, she just happened to be the only person whom they neglected to inform about how the eviction votes would go. Then they try to patch up this mess with weak, illogical excuses. Girlfriend called them on it, after they tried to play victim, and made it known that they made a big mistake. Not sure what has since transpired, as I am a bit behind on episodes, but Omarosa and Keshia were nominated, and I heard the latter went home, leaving Omarosa still in the game. Never seen a player in the house this savvy. Hope she can stay til the end to bring the drama, although so far these other girls played themselves by flipping on her. She could win if she is able to hang on. You go, girl!

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