what I Hate About the Soap World

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what I Hate About the Soap World

Postby gonecountry » Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:31 pm

We all invest ourselves in the plots and characters on canvas. Yes. Most of us know its a fantasy world full of loveable, likable and hated characters portrayed by some of the best actors. Actors who memorize up to 80 pages of dialogue a day.
We are exited by the comings and truely saddened by the goings. Today, when I shed a bucket of tears for the death of Nathan West on GH, I realized how much we fans care. There have been many of these moments in the 55 years of watching Soaps. Many of the dead have returned defying reality. But it has been entertaining.
I love watching soap stars go on to greater things, even if it means they off the canvas of a soap as a character I loved.
So daily, we subject ourselves to the happiness or tragic episodes of the fantasies of the real La la Land.
In closing, I would love to thank all the people who give us these enjoyable stories.
I will continue to laugh, cry, get angry and love this world

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Re: what I Hate About the Soap World

Postby LuvsJason2 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:01 pm

I totally agree I'm like you I have cried through the years, got mad turned against a character... but I love having the soaps to watch.... apparently they are good actors or we wouldn't come back for more... I'll keep tuning in til they are gone.... I love my soaps GH and Days and Y&R... I use to watch OlTL and AMC and a few more that are gone... but I do enjoy soaps....

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