Soap's Up In Canada - Need Helping Finding Name Of Intro Song

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Soap's Up In Canada - Need Helping Finding Name Of Intro Song

Postby devans809 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:15 pm

First off, I didn't know where to post this as this IS soap related.

Need help in trying to locate the name of "Soap's Up" Intro Theme Music. For those who aren't familiar or don't know "Soap's Up" in Canada was national soap gossip talk segment that aired on The New V.I. (which later became A-Channel) during "AMC" and "OLTL".

What i'm looking for is the name of song/music that played during the very 1st original Soap's Up Intro. Intro music changed a few times over the course of the segment. It started in 2002.

Contacted the 2 hosts at TV Station which aired "Soap's Up" but they weren't of any help at all. They told me all the assets are gone and "APM Music" was the one who did the intro music. I was also told the song is from early 2000's, but they couldn't or wouldn't tell me what kind of music it is.

It's woman's voice that sings "Lalala" during the intro.

Checked youtube and found some "Soap's Up" segments but none from 2002 are on there.

Furthermore, I also contacted "APM Music" but they weren't of any help either. All they told me was to check their website and social media which i've done but no luck in finding it. Doesn't help when I don't know what type of music it is. Just wasting time doing searches on there. I've even tried searching TV Commercials from 2002 in hopes of coming across the song but no luck with that.

Here's a Soap's Up segment but note this music intro is after the one i'm referring too and trying to locate:

Pretty much lost cause at this point but thought i'd ask and see if anyone might know or watched "Soap's Up" when it was around.

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