Dinner Party Guests?

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Re: Dinner Party Guests?

Postby Homesick Cajun » Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:18 am

Quote LucyT:
Quote Homesick Cajun:
Quote LucyT: I forgot about this.If only we could have that dinner party!!!

P.S I must have been on an 80's rocker binge back then! 8) ~)

You were ready to rock 'n' roll, 80's style! 3)

Would you pick the same ones today? ;)

No I have passed that stage now. lol Probably for the best!!!!! ;)

You're probably right! lol

I think mine would still be the same. I'd love to work Dale Earnhardt Sr., in that mix somehow tho. His death was another one that rocked my world. Didn't help that it happened on live television! 8) 8)

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