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Re: Brothers and Sisters

Postby clicquot1 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:22 pm

Quote Sundevil98: I love this show..but am going to really miss Robert. I wish Rob Lowe wouldn't insist on leaving the show. Perhaps his ego is more important than his fans since we know he wanted a more prominent role on the show?

Nora and Holly are an incredible pair. Their bantering is quite fun to watch. Holly really won me over because I despised her at the beginning. Hope she is OK from the accident and returns next season.

The story line with Saul will be interesting next season. I REALLY like Saul's character so I hope they don't write him out of the show any time soon. He's like the patriarch of the family.

Justin seemed a little selfish to me... not sure whats up with that.

Great cliffhanger B&S.....

Well, THAT did also happen on the WEST WING so maybe it's a pattern!

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