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    Open-minded Web based Educational Soap

    Monday, January 28 2008

    While our nine current soap operas have treaded on the subject of gay relationships, in this day and age, we feel more of an effort should be made to bring the public into the reality and normalcy of such storylines. The L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center has taken a stand with a plan to not only bring the public into their world but to create an awareness to promote safer sex for all!

    In their latest HIV prevention/education campaign, the... » Read More

    DGA Announces Daytime Nominees and Winner! (UPDATED!)

    Monday, January 28 2008

    Updated on January 28, 2008:

    One Life to Live director Larry Carpenter picked up the award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Daytime Serial at the Director's Guild of America awards on Saturday, January 26, 2008 for his episode # 9947. It was in the midst of the Llanview Hospital explosion when Nash (Forbes March) stepped in and was forced to save Antonio's (Kamar de los Reyes) life during the whole liver transplant... » Read More

    Bad boys vs Good guys on Soaps. Soapland vs Reality!

    Tuesday, January 22 2008

    Love ‘em, hate ‘em, we all have our favorites… Then there are those who just stand out the second we ask our fellow soap fans, “Who is the Good and Bad guy on your soap?” Our writers got together to bring you some of the candidates for all nine of our favorite soaps! While some have created quite a track record for themselves, good or bad, over the years, others quickly fell into their role as being a soap saint or a soap’s... » Read More answers their mailbag! (New!)

    Monday, January 21 2008

    All My Children

    Meredith K. asks: Where is Alexa Havins? Actually, Alexa left the role of Babe back on October 8, 2007. The character of Babe is now being played by Amanda Baker.

    As the World Turns

    Karen F. asks: I want to know where I can reach Grayson McCouch? Hi Karen, as with any soap star, you can contact them directly... » Read More

    Fans Ring In The New Year With Talk Of Soaps!

    Monday, January 14 2008

    As the New Year begins, it appears some of our soaps are finally wrapping up those overdrawn storylines with anticipation for new ones to come… While a few fan favorites are making their exits in daytime, some are returning! No matter what happens, the continued drama always has an affect on fans. reads every piece of mail, the opinions of you – the fans! Here’s what a few of our readers had to say about their soaps - and our... » Read More

    ABC Soap Stars Record New CD

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    Normally, a CD entitled "A Love Affair" that is to be released just before Valentine's Day would seem like a great gift for a loved one, right? Well, when the songs are performed by daytime ABC actors, the "love affair" being referred to definitely has to be between us and our favorite stars, wouldn't you agree? Take a look at this list of songs and, more importantly, who is singing them!

    *"They Say It's Wonderful" by Susan... » Read More Talks To M.I.T Professor About Soaps!

    Thursday, January 03 2008

    Recently, had the privilege of speaking with a professor who will be teaching a course on the American Soap Opera at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) in Cambridge, Massachusetts this spring!

    Sam Ford, Professor and Project Manager of the Convergence Culture Consortium Program in Comparative Media Studies at M.I.T, describes his course as…

    “The television landscape has changed drastically... » Read More

    Best & Worst Soap Storylines of 2007: Writer's Picks!

    Wednesday, January 02 2008

    At the end of every year, no matter what soap we are a fan of, there’s always going to be those storylines we loved along with others we hated. Well, fans, based on emails we’ve received throughout 2007, has compiled a list of the most outspoken Best and Worst Soap Storylines of the year for each of the nine soaps! Although it was a tough choice, below you’ll find the writer’s picks for this year’s poll!

    » Read More answers their mailbag! (New!)

    Tuesday, January 01 2008

    All My Children

    Ginny G. asks: Where did the picture that is in Zack and Kendall's home by the front door come from. My husband and I love the picture. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I record the soap everyday and we are constantly saying how we love that picture. Any information would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Cameron, you keep having my vote for you on Dancing with the Stars. We too... » Read More

    Now You Can Blog With!

    Monday, December 31 2007

    As you know, fans can visit through our complete website, our MySpace page , our YouTube site and now we’ve added two blogs for your viewing pleasure! We invite you to click on over and visit at BlogSpot and at WordPress !

    When you arrive to our Blogs, you’ll find all of our Latest News articles featured on a daily basis, along with specific articles from your favorite... » Read More

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