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    Look like a soap star!

    Monday, January 29 2007 loves receiving letters from our loyal readers! We always enjoy the letters from girls who ask us if we can send them a photograph of the current hairstyle that their favorite soap stars are wearing. Now, we understand that there are different hair types so we want you to remember that while Erica may be able to pull off that fluffy hairstyle, not everyone will be able to!
    Although most may think of hair in terms of being thick or... » Read More

    Tyra’s Soap Opera Spectacular

    Friday, January 26 2007

    The host of The Tyra Banks Show , Tyra Banks herself, is visiting the sets of some of your favorite soap operas!

    This Friday January 26th, (today) tune in to "Tyra's Soap Opera Spectacular".
    Tyra will go behind the scenes of The Young and the Restless , General Hospital , Days of Our Lives , Passions , and All My Children . Tyra promises to get the scoop on all of the imminent storylines and will delve into... » Read More

    The Sims Stories

    Thursday, January 25 2007

    The Sims Stories: It's their life but it's your story!

    Anyone who plays PC games knows what a great time can be had. Sims Stories pc games are one addiction that parents everywhere can agree is good for kids in order to get their creative juices flowing. I've spent the majority of the afternoon talking to adults about Sims Stories only to have them tell me they'd prefer the game for themselves! For the next few days, » Read More

    Soaps Magazine Contest Winner : Samantha Lyons!

    Wednesday, January 24 2007 would like to extend a hearty congratulation to Samantha M. Lyons, of Statesvile, NC. Samantha was one of thousands of readers who participated in the "Soaps Magazine Contest", that ran from December 15 2006 to January 19 2007. The contest promised readers a chance to win 100 magazines, just for filling out a survey on our website.

    Samantha is a "Cosmo" girl! She has enjoyed a subscription to Cosmopolitan in the... » Read More

    Book : Just Pretend I'm Not Here

    Sunday, January 21 2007

    All you ABC soap fans ( All My Children , One Life To Live and General Hospital ) will be happy to hear that celebrity photographer, Jim Warren, has written a book featuring more than 40 black-and-white as well as color photographs of some of the actors from your ABC daytime dramas.

    Justin Bruening (Jamie, AMC ), David Fumero (Cristian, OLTL ) and Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH ) are all featured in this one of... » Read More Magazine Contest!

    Monday, January 15 2007 is advertising an online contest Soaps Magazine Contest that runs from December 18, 2006 to January 19, 2007. All of our readers have a have a chance to win 100 magazines, simply by filling out a survey on our website!

    We've selected a few of your favorite magazines including Soap Opera Digest, CBS Soaps in Depth, ABC Soaps in Depth, TV Guide and Glamour! The winner will receive 26 issues of Soap Opera Digest, 13 issues... » Read More

    You Tube : Soap Opera clips!

    Tuesday, January 09 2007

    Often we receive emails from viewers who are seeking a clip from an episode they want to watch over again, or an old archived episode they've missed on. While it's unfortunate that does not have access to any episode of our precious soaps; we do know where you can catch a few clips and montages! Browse to one of my favorite websites You Tube! for everyone to peruse.
    The "You Tube" website was established in 2005 and is used as... » Read More

    Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed!

    Saturday, January 06 2007

    Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed
    As previously reported As the World Turns - Oakdale Confidential! is a book published by Simon & Schuster.

    Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed is one titillating book! Expanded from its original version, Oakdale Confidential, readers are given 16 pages of colorful photos and a shocking new epilogue that the viewers have heard the characters talking about on As the World Turns... » Read More

    ABC's FANtastic February Contest!

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    You're invited to ABC's FANtastic February! We hear that this time around, you get a chance to spend the day on the set of your favorite ABC soap opera, either One Life to Live , General Hospital or All My Children . The interesting part of this year's FANtastic February is that the actor from one of those shows will fly to your hometown to take over your job for you.

    To enter the contest, send a photo of yourself and... » Read More

    Interviews with soap stars: New Year's Eve Traditions!

    Sunday, December 31 2006

    Happy New Year from!

    All of the Editors at have compiled their interviews with the soap stars to give you the chance to find out the scoop on what the stars are all doing this New Year's Eve!

    Julie Clark Robinson ('s General Hospital Editor) took a chance to ask Kirsten Storms, (Maxie Jones, GH )

    Julie: What is a normal New Year's Eve like for you?
    » Read More

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