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    AMC and OLTL Soap Pic Events! (UPDATED!)

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    Updated on April 29, 2008:

    Due to a scheduling conflict, some of the event dates and venues have been changed including the Kamar de los Reyes and Bethann Bonner event on May 3, 2008 and the Forbes March and Bree Williamson event on May 4, 2008. Please see the updates below in red... All four actors will now be appearing together on Saturday May 3,2008 at the Marriott LaGuardia Airport.

    Previously Reported... » Read More

    10th Annual SoapFest Charity Weekend!

    Tuesday, April 22 2008

    Updated on April 22, 2008:

    We've just received word that more actors have been scheduled to appear at this year's SoapFest Charity Weekend including All My Children's Jacob Young (J.R. Chandler), As the World Turns' Daniel Manche (JJ Snyder), Eric William Morris (Matt O'Connor) and Tala Ashe (Ameera Ali Aziz Mayer) and Guiding Light's Paulo Benedetti (ex - Jesse Blue), Robert Bogue (A.C. Mallet), John Driscoll (Coop... » Read More

    Stars Attend Bideawee Ball!

    Thursday, April 17 2008

    Whether they’re labeled a vixen or a villain, call them what you want but in their off time the generosity of the soap stars never fails! We’re happy to announce the latest charity event to include some of your favorite soap stars who are setting out to help our furry friends through the Bideawee Ball!

    Come Tuesday, May 6, 2008 stars from ABC and CBS will band together to show their support! All My Children’s Susan Lucci... » Read More

    Soap Stars: What Do They Watch?!

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Whether it’s soap operas, reality TV , movies or sporting events, watching television for entertainment is a routine that most of us incorporate into our everyday lives. However, have you ever wondered what those who star in our favorite shows watch themselves? During some of our recent interviews, our staff asked soap stars what they watch in their free time – when they get it!

    All My Children

    ... » Read More answers their mailbag! (New!)

    Monday, April 14 2008

    All My Children

    Jean C. asks: I don't have access very often to the Internet and I still don’t know what happened to the original Babe and Jamie. Please inform me. I really liked them playing the characters. I believe they are married in real life. Thanks! You’re right, Alexa (Babe) and Justin (Jamie) are indeed married in real-life! Since ABC doesn't comment on actor contracts, we may never know... » Read More

    CBS Promotes Michelle Newman!

    Friday, April 11 2008

    Although working for one of the networks would be exciting enough, imagine if they came to you and said they were giving you a promotion – as well as creating a whole new position for you to boot!

    Since her employment at CBS in 2003, Michelle Newman has been daytime’s creative director for on-air promotions… but not anymore! She has recently been promoted up the ranks at CBS and given a brand new position titling her as the VP... » Read More

    Relative Madness On SoapNet!

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    Whether it’s in real-life or in the soap world, there are always family issues that make you stop and say, “What? Huh? Did you just say that?” Well, although we don’t plan on airing our own dirty laundry, SoapNet will be bringing that of the television world into our living rooms for our viewing pleasure!

    Come May 8, 2008, fans will get a glimpse into the most notorious family outbursts and scandals ever aired both on and off... » Read More

    Exclusive! Samantha's Friends Charity Fundraiser & Gala!

    Tuesday, April 08 2008

    Bradenton, Florida - Once a year, several top soap actors gather for Samantha's Friends charity Fundraiser gala brunch and show and this year the event raised $20K to help young people challenged by a catastrophic illness, gain their independence with the assistance of a service canine. This Fundraiser is to benefit Kids and Canines , which is a service dog training program.

    The event featured top soap actors Walt Willey from... » Read More Remembers Charlton Heston…

    Monday, April 07 2008

    On April 5, 2008, the television and film industry lost a true icon, Charlton Heston. With his wife Lydia by his side, Mr. Heston passed away at the age of eighty-four in his Beverly Hills home, leaving fans throughout the world grieving his death.

    Although the great man will always be remembered for his roles in such highly notorious works as Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes, Tombstone, and The Ten Commandments, to name a very small few... » Read More Readers Speak Out!

    Monday, April 07 2008

    It’s that time again… time for to open our mailbag – the one that lets the readers’ voices be heard by all! Good or bad, we always love to hear what our readers are thinking about the current soap storylines and/or characters, casting news and especially how they are enjoying themselves here on our website…

    Beckett D: Thank you again for creating this wonderful website. It’s so easy to navigate especially the... » Read More

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