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    ABC Daytime: New Video Clip Promo!

    Tuesday, February 24 2009

    In Pine Valley, Adam finds out that Kendall was driving the car that ran Greenlee off of the road, Krystal is torn about telling David the truth and Kendall is prepared to say goodbye to Bianca! Across the way in Port Charles, though Nik opens up to Rebecca, she's eyeing Lucky, Anthony approaches Claudia, while Sonny and Jason are on the hunt for revenge! In Llanview, David and the Buchanans get a DNA shocker, Schuyler reaches out to Cole and Starr... » Read More's New Look!

    Wednesday, February 18 2009 has been sitting on a surprise for all readers! We’ve been working on giving the site a face lift. Some of you noticed the changes to the site today and the little glitch, as well! Part way through our 'surgery', there were complications, and unfortunately, our beloved readers caught a few wrinkles that weren’t ironed out!

    The new look simply adds another column to the site to give us a chance to give you easy access... » Read More Survey Results: Most Romantic Date In Daytime!

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Recently asked our readers which Daytime character from each soap opera would be the most romantic Valentine's Day date. Can you imagine? It's all in good fun! You'd receive flowers, candy, champagne, maybe dinner and dancing, maybe your choice is a bad boy, who most always has a romantic streak hidden deep inside, or maybe your choice is a quiet and kind soul, who screams romance?

    We ran this poll from Tuesday February 10... » Read More

    40th Annual NAACP Image Awards Winners Announced! (UPDATED!)

    Friday, February 13 2009

    Updated on February 13:

    The Daytime Image Award winners this year go out to... All My Children's Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard) and The Young and the Restless' Bryton McClure (Devon Hamilton Winters)! While this is Bryton's first Image Award, it's number two for Debbi! wants to congratulate both actors on this great honar!

    Previously Reported on January 7:

    Come February 12... » Read More

    Interviews: Spend Valentine's Day With the Soap Stars! Part 2!

    Thursday, February 12 2009

    We gave you the actresses opinions on their fantasy Valentine's Day date , they discussed how their own characters should spend Valentine's Day, and what type of candy they preferred! How about what the men think of Valentine’s Day?

    Valentine's Day is February 14. How can we tell? People everywhere have been reminded for the past few weeks by all the diamond commercials, flower sales and boxes of chocolates on store shelves! Oh... » Read More

    CBS Daytime: New Video Clip Promo!

    Wednesday, February 11 2009

    Although the week is almost over, and many of what you are about to view has happened, there are a few little tidbits thrown in the mix in this new CBS Daytime Video Clip Sneak Peek! Be sure to watch it closely on right now!

    Which soap's storyline are you most looking forward to seeing wrapped up? Please tell below! » Read More

    ABC Soap Actors At Soap Star Charity Event!

    Wednesday, February 11 2009

    If you'd like to aid a few soap opera actors in helping a good cause, has a new event that might be of interest to you!

    All My Children's Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake Martin) and Jacob Young (JR Chandler), along with One Life to Live's Scott Clifton (Schuyler Joplin), will take part in the Soap Star Charity Event to benfit CPC Behavioral Healthcare, which provides behavioral health and education services to promote... » Read More

    Interviews: Spend Valentine's Day With the Soap Stars!

    Wednesday, February 11 2009

    Valentine’s Day is either a day for lovers to give themselves to each other, to share their love for one another by dining out at somewhere expensive, feeding each other Godiva’s chocolate covered orange peels, having a rose petal/bubble bath, and snuggling in front of the fireplace. Ever wonder what your favorite soap opera stars do on Valentine’s Day? What do they think their alter ego’s should be doing on lover’s day and what candy do... » Read More

    ABC Daytime Video Clip Scoops!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009

    Things are always heating up in ABC Daytime, and boy you'll never believe what's coming! In Pine Valley, Zach and Reese share a kiss, over in Port Charles someone will lose their life, and in Llanview the Go Red Ball is filled with excitement! Watch this sneak peek video clip preview on today!

    Which is your favorite ABC soap? Please tell below! » Read More

    CBS Daytime Scoops: Valentine's Day Specials!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009

    During this week, week of February 9, viewers will notice a Valentine theme among the CBS soap operas! To give you more of a glimpse of what to expect this week and a bit beyond, sit back while gives you the scoop!

    Please note, if you are not into reading spoilers, please turn away now!

    As The World Turns will air its special Valentine show on Monday February 16, and you won't want to miss this one!... » Read More

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