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    Thursday, August 10 2006

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    Posted by rose52 at Thursday, July 17 2008 10:17 PM

    It's said that men with power always have a beautiful woman by their side, such as Sabrina. Who is gracefully refined, polite, fashionable, and smart. To sum it up she is a elegant woman. Sabrina knows how to love, her interest is with Victor and not with herself only. Unlike Nikki, who interest is only with herself. That's why Nikki can not see the man Victor is inside. A man that still has childhood scares, a man that still feel alone, as he did in his childhood. And the way he protects himself from his childhood pain is by protecting and trying to sheild those whom he love from pain, his family. Sabrina's love had begone to nurture Victor's hiden childhood pain and heal him. In return teaching him how heal his relationship with his children. Sabrina is a better suitable woman for Victor than Nikki would ever be. If the writers had not wrote her supporting actor's and actoress lines to attack her character, like Victoria, Nikki and Nick; even Jackie. I believe that the viewers would have excepted her more fully. The problem is with the writers and not with Sabrina character. As far as the vasectomy, Victor had that done before his marriage with the wife before Nikki and when he inpregnanted her, Julie I believe her name was, victor doubted thatthat child was his because of the vasectomy, but when she fell down the stairs and lost the baby, it was confirmed by the doctors that it was Victor's child. Since then he has had Victoria, Nikki, Adam and a daughter with Ashly. So it would be safe to say that the vasectomy didn't work or he had it reversed. IT IS A MISTAKE TO TAKE SABRINA OFF THE SHOW, SHE NOT ONLY WAS BEGINNING TO HEAL VICTOR BUT THE SHOW AS WELL BECAUSE IF YOU ASk ME THE SHOW IS RIGHT SICKING WITH THE SAME OLD LIFELESS

    Posted by johnde at Friday, August 22 2008 04:13 AM

    hi hope ej finds out that ali really his daughter... and his father switch it

    Posted by taiky at Sunday, September 07 2008 08:23 PM

    Please bring Sabrina (Raya Meddine) back on the Young and the Restless full-time.

    Sabrina was the only character who had her act together. She didn't whine all the time like Lily, or walk around angry like Jill, or be a ditz like Amber.

    Sabrina was kind and loving. And beautiful. Her smile radiated and lit up the screen. Her grace and poise were captivating.

    She wasn't focused constantly on herself like me-me-me-Victoria, or seemingly a lost-little lamb like Sharon.

    Sabrina knew her own worth, unlike Heather, who Adam is abusing.

    Sabrina wasn't conniving like Phyllis, or desperate like Nikki or confused like Karen.

    Sabrina brought out the best in people, like Jana and Katherine and, even, Victor.

    She was thoughtful, independent, and giving, instead of always needing to trick and manipulate others, such as Gloria or Chloe/Kate.

    Who else on this Soap Opera, past or present, smiles in delight or sheer joy of simply being alive because of having an inner peace that glows?

    Sabrina shared her own views and opinions, versus Lauren who only answers when Michael speaks to her.

    Sabrina was threatening to all those around her because she was a role model. She showed all those around her if they wanted to get to where she was within, they’d have to make major changes and different choices in their lives.

    Easier for most to find fault with her, complain about her, backstab her, and ultimately kill her off. Please bring her back.

    Posted by Sbreidy at Sunday, May 31 2009 07:53 PM

    What dress is Maxie Jones wearing on friday may 29th episode???

    Posted by ffwg at Wednesday, June 17 2009 09:50 AM

    I'm just checking to see if you plan for Jessica Bucahnon and Brody Levitt to get together? Will Ray Montez come back to the show and be with Dorian? Does Marty Staybrook and John McBain get together? Why is Michael and Marcie leaving the program?

    Posted by ffwg at Wednesday, June 17 2009 09:51 AM

    I'm just checking to see if you plan for Jessica Bucahnon and Brody Levitt to get together? Will Ray Montez come back to the show and be with Dorian? Does Marty Staybrook and John McBain get together? Why is Michael and Marcie leaving the program?

    Posted by ladytazz09 at Friday, October 16 2009 11:11 PM

    Hi,I am a HUGE,HUGE FAN OF ALL MY CHILDREN,I have been since i was in highschool in the 1980's.I love everyone on the show and the people who direct it also.I have wanted to be able to express my deepest thank you for all the years you have given to all of us,all the drama,all the excitement,tears,and joys.I only hope that when my grand-daughters grow up to see who their nana named their mommy after that MRS.ERICA CAIN and the show will still be around.I am hurt and dis-appointed about one thing and that is the fact that we are losing ZACH,I have adored him from the day he appeared on the show and am very sadened he his leaving.Please do not replace him because there is only one ZACH and it would be a disaster to try and fill his shoes.If he is leaving the show then lets just fade him away so we can remember what an impact he has made on us all.And again Thank you for such a wonderful Soap and keep up the good work.
    Sandra L,TN

    Posted by Educated Watcher at Monday, December 28 2009 07:36 PM

    R U Kidding me!! Are the writers on vacation? That would be the only explanation why we resurrected the Mitch story. Some advise....we do not care!! this storyline may have been OK 2 -3 years ago, but we need you to include more current events and real life issues. We are no longer uneducated housewives watching the soaps, we are lawyers and doctors, who "choose" to be stay at home moms. Treat us as such instead of air heads! Your writers write stories that are so far fetched, I can't stand it!! Do something quick....please!!

    Posted by Coco23 at Tuesday, July 06 2010 10:42 AM

    I am a loyal fan of The Young and The Restless. Just love
    that show.But I am disappointed about how much Adam is allowed
    to get away with. I must say I am not so fund of how he is
    allowed to torture poor Patti. I think Adam has gone to far.
    He caused Ashly to loose her baby,stole Sharon baby, set Nick
    up to take the fall for his murder, stabbed his father in the
    back by betraying him etc., the list goes on. My question to
    The Young and The Restless is when will it all end. Poor
    Nick never got away with so much. I like the idea of Eric
    Roberts coming on the show but even though he will become
    Adam lawyer,I still think Adam need to spend time in prison
    for all his crimes. Where is Raff? Is he the killer. If so
    that will workout for Sharon, that way she can for give
    Adam and they can get back together. Why haven't anyone
    realize that Adam moved through the vents, to torture poor
    Patti. But she some how got away with a lot as well as Adam.
    So, I feel somewhat sorry for her now but before she was just
    as dirty and devious as Adam. So if Mr Roberts is to help
    Adam I hope he'll do it in a way that will result in prison
    time for Adam.Cause it is time that Adam confess to every-
    thing that he done.

    Posted by lexapooh at Thursday, July 08 2010 12:39 PM

    Can anyone tell me where Daniel Jonas got his necklace???

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