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    Thursday, August 10 2006

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    Posted by amcfan12justinbruening at Monday, October 09 2006 12:36 PM

    i luv amc jamie and josh and jr and ryan r sexy

    Posted by brendabarnhart at Tuesday, October 17 2006 12:58 PM

    i hsave been watching passions and days for several years now and i wisn gwen would get what she deserves. i hope thresa gives ethan what he has coming to him nad stay with jared. ethan snoozed so he losed out on a great woman. and chad is fine as hell but he is doing whitney dirty. and alister will be back in sort of manner.

    Posted by lwarden at Saturday, November 04 2006 12:42 PM

    hi my name is lwarden and i watch passions day time soap if it is not to much to ask can you please change the story line it is getting very boreing can ethan please find out what his crazy wife gwen did and can therese please tell ethan taht lil ethan is is son your viewers are really tired of the same thing i can watch the show on monday and dont turn it back on till friday everyone is still in the same place.thank you a concered viewer

    Posted by jkelly55 at Tuesday, November 21 2006 01:10 PM

    I would like to see Ethan learn the truth about Gewn and her mom. Let Thersea and Gered get engaged oan Ethan get mad and go to the library and start throwing things around and come accross some papers of Allister telling everything.

    Posted by angelgirl52001 at Friday, December 29 2006 07:28 AM

    I agree with the person how is mad about the take are soaps off for stupid sports or news they have how many news and sports channels put it on there. Thank

    Posted by tsjgrandma51 at Thursday, January 18 2007 05:45 PM

    i hope that we can get nbc to change their minds about cancelling "Passion" i am 51, bout still enjoy this soap.

    lets all write them and deluge them with thousands of letters in protest. come women & men, lets get this together and make them see that they are wrong!!!!

    Posted by jaye711 at Monday, January 22 2007 02:11 PM

    I am a new viewer to GL and a writer for a magazine in my home town. I take an hour out of my day here lately just too watch what's going to happen comment is... GL should allow Tammy to stay on a bit before doing her in...I think Reva's cancer has ran it's course. Looking forward to seeing the next big focus on GL. I don't think Jonathan will do in Lizzie or her grandfather...not just yet anyway.....comments anyone???

    Posted by Gabrielle074 at Friday, January 26 2007 12:50 PM

    we need new Writters new Producer new People in daytime Who cares about the fans about the history of eacg shows i wish they didnt fire stuart damon as alan but glad kin shriner is back on the show as Scotty daytime president needs to fired right away

    Posted by Renata at Wednesday, February 14 2007 11:49 AM

    I hope you bring Babe back. She has an awsone spirit.

    Posted by janjan80 at Sunday, March 04 2007 08:58 PM

    Can you add the charactor Ethen that plays in passion in any of your soap operas please?

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