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    Soaps Spoiler Digest.

    Sunday, March 02 2014

    Admissions and annoyances.

    This week some people see more than they want to see and some refuse to see what's right in front of them.

    The Bold And The Beautiful:
    Katie and Ridge admit that they have feelings for each other. As soon as they are ready to start acting on them, Brooke gets back to town. She goes into denial about what's been going on between her sister and her ex. But that's not the most awkward moment. That's reserved for Ally when she walks in on Hope and Wyatt in what should have been a very private moment. Check out The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers to find out who Thorne turns to for help.

    Days Of Our Lives:
    Sami and Sonny both find themselves being blackmailed by Nick. But Sami's week is really thrown off-kilter when Johnny tells her that Rafe is in love with Abigail. Meanwhile, Rafe's love life is actually a disaster, but that may be nothing compared to the disaster that could be looming for Brady. Daniel gives him a warning about hooking up with Theresa. Read the Days Of Our Lives Spoilers to find out how people react to John's return to Salem.

    General Hospital:
    Sonny promises his son that he won't kill AJ, but that may not be enough to protect him in Port Charles. AJ winds up looking down the barrel of a gun. As AJ is left struggling for his life, Luke decides it's time to come clean with Tracy about what he has been doing. Meanwhile, a frustrated Molly calls her father with a request. Read's General Hospital Spoilers to find out what leaves Monica miffed.

    The Young And The Restless:
    As things continue to go downhill for Victoria and Billy in Genoa City, Victor is busy trying to put the fear of God into Ian Ward. That may not be as easy as the mustache hopes. He's soon distracted from this scheme when Chelsea begs him for help finding Adam. Visit The Young and The Restless Spoilers and find out where Colin and Jill's search leads them.

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    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by jullwaln at Monday, March 03 2014 01:06 PM

    I am happy yhey no longer will have dead John the show.That story line was going no ehere and the dead needed to RIP. Finally the writers made a smart decision. Now please let Summer's story come to light.

    Posted by beautifulfay at Tuesday, March 04 2014 11:52 AM

    where is phillis from young and rest less when is nick going to find out that summer is truly his child

    Posted by sho24sea at Thursday, March 06 2014 10:53 PM

    Bring Stephy back for Liam!! Let them have a baby and be happy!!!

    Posted by sho24sea at Thursday, March 06 2014 10:56 PM

    Bring Stephy back for Liam!! Let them have a baby and be happy!!!Also not sure if I'm happy with Katie and Ridge pairing he is way to old for her it's disgusting!!!

    Posted by Doubtfire at Friday, March 07 2014 04:42 PM

    I loved Ron Moss and I very much regretted that the soap directors let him go and did not do everything to keep him aboard. Ridge should never have been recasted that way ! Now I think Thorsten Kaye is an excellent and talented actor and I love him, even if I would have preferred to see him play another important character. About the recent evolution of the storyline, I hate the fact that Ridge is now turned into an awful bastard acting like the worse traitor possible towards the woman he has always loved and had under his skin for thirty years... As to Katie, I think she is one of the ugliest characters of the show. She remains an oldfashioned frustrated woman, jalous, selfish and vindicative. If she is a victim, it is only from her own viciousness and domination will over others'lives. The way she talks to her sister is unforgivable. She takes pleasure in hurting Brooke and is enjoying her revenge. She is awful. No comparison between the two situations : Bill and Brooke were confronted to lasting issues and had to face Katie's numerous problems. They both fought a lot to remain faithful. But Ridge and Katie are just disgusting and do not care a second about destroying Brooke completely. I found them totally ridiculous when walking in the park. Difficult to believe those two are in love ! No chemistry at all. I don't buy it for a while. Please let silly Hopy play with baby Whyatt and do the necessary to bring back our Steffy. It is her Liam is in love with, even if he hasn't understood it yet. Hope betrayed him and will again in the future if he keeps wanting this silly bird ! Steffy loves him deeply and would never have betrayed him that way. They have a huge chemistry together and are the most moving and beautiful couple ever ! Katie has won the special prize of this Friday : b... of the week.

    Posted by Joyceann21 at Saturday, March 08 2014 07:46 AM

    Ridge and Katie makes me want to puke. Brooke is by no means an angel, but I have a feeling that Ridge will regret his decision to have a relationship with Katie. I really hope that Bill take Brookes breath away and that she and Bill live happily ever after.

    Katie can rest assure, she will soon lose Spencer Publishing and the sole custody right to little Will. Brooke , "has something hor her ass", she doesn't take well to defeat! Watch out little UGLY Katie...

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