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    Monday, June 24 2013

    Egan (FayesVision/
    Vote now.

    Have an opinion about what happened on Daytime last week? Vote in our weekly polls to let us know what your thoughts are about everything that happened on your favorite soap operas.

    Polls are updated at the end of the week once the recap is posted, so check back regularly for a new round of questions.

    All My Children:
    Do you think Opal selling Cortlandt Manor was the right thing to do? Vote in the All My Children poll with your thoughts about the sale.

    The Bold And The Beautiful:
    Here we go again folks! Should Liam reunite with Hope? Let us know what you think about these two rekindling something in our The Bold And The Beautiful poll, new each week.

    Days Of Our Lives:
    Now’s your chance to rate "DOOL" from A to F. Did the show get a passing grade last week? Vote in the new Days Of Our Lives poll.

    General Hospital:
    Sonny was pretty harsh on Carly last week, threatening to kill her if Olivia died. But would he really do it? Let us know if you think it was an idle threat or something more in the new General Hospital poll.

    One Life To Live:
    Should Matthew focus his romantic energy on Dani, his internet love or find someone new to be with? Vote about his love life on the all new One Life To Live poll.

    The Young And The Restless:
    Is Chelsea’s engagement to Dylan too soon or just in time? Vote in the latest The Young And The Restless poll with your opinion about the pair.

    Have any fun ideas for polls about your favorite Daytime show? Let us know below or in our Soap Opera message boards. And who do you think looked the best at last night's Daytime Emmy Awards? Vote below!

    Can’t wait to find out what will happen next? Take a peek in our Soaps Spoilers Digest for hints of what’s to come on all your favorite Daytime shows.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by roaring lion at Monday, June 24 2013 07:38 AM

    Dylan and Chelsea's engagement didn't excite me, it sadden me. Dylan should be with Avery, Chelsea with someone new or play a single parent, letting Adam know there is no future with the two of them and that he's the father. Now that's more real than the story line that's being put out there. I know life if full of drama but, Y&R has too much. It use to have a mixture of drama, make believe, and real life. What happen? There's nothing going on good just heartache and pain. Let's put some joy and happiness in the sory.

    Posted by lorriefan21 at Tuesday, June 25 2013 09:42 AM

    I can't wait until Dylan finds out that all of this excitement was just one big "con." Hopefully, he will not have more flashbacks and incidents to his time in the service. I think Chelsea should have just returned back to Adam and come clean with the entire situation. If anyone asked Chelsea why she was leaving Adam, she could have sat down with him and asked him questions about his relationship with Sharon at that time, he did not sleep with her as yet. Also, is she saying she left him because he works at Newman Enterprises, and she would rather have her career, while he stays home and do exactly what would be her ideal idea of a relationship with Adam. I also cannot wait until Adam finds out he is the father of the child she is expecting.

    Posted by lorriefan21 at Tuesday, June 25 2013 09:59 AM

    I wanted to see how GH was going to explain the fact that Shawn did not hit Olivia with his bullet, or even had hit Franco. I have always suspected Ava as the (hit-woman, head of the Jerome Crime Family), or at least one of the branches of the crime family. When I saw the newspaper article, that the Jerome’s were hit, I automatically suspected Ava. Ava and Franco make a great couple, because they are both psychopaths that enjoy the "thrill" of danger, leading to destructive/fatal results for others. I also believe that she helped Morgan to become involved in his "gambling addiction" as a way to distract Carly and Sonny to overcome Sonny’s organization, while causing Carly problems within her family circle. According to the botched hit, Shawn realized that his bullet lodged into the wall and was thrown off, do they also realize that someone (Ava) would have tapped their phones to know when the hit was planned to occur, or rather Ava has the Quartermaines mansion bugged to see the goings on and daily plans regarding ELQ, AJ, Tracey and Franco’s activities/plans. The Jerome Crime Family has always had it in for Luke, Sonny, Duke, and the Quartermaines. This storyline should be interesting to see how it unfolds during the summer leading into the fall.

    Posted by lorriefan21 at Tuesday, June 25 2013 10:11 AM

    I think Liam needs to decide which woman he chooses to share his life with, and work out their problems/challenges, instead of kissing one woman, while married to another woman. I was disappointed in the storyline; he did not even “press” to get an answer out of Steffy when she mentioned she was leaving. It is as if you come home one day, and say: Dear: I am leaving you, you would be better off with the other man or woman. He allows her to leave, then he goes to Big Bear with Hope to comfort him, if it even meant that they would end up in bed together. Really! I wonder sometimes who is actually writing these scripts. This is 2013, I know it is daytime television, but at least write storylines that can compete with other daytime shows, or very close to televised series that are shown at night on various networks

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