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    Soap Stars Go To The Movies! (Interviews)

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    Texas Battle (CBS)
    Have you seen any good movies lately? That’s always a safe question to ask just about anyone and one that generally gets people chatting. This is what we asked these soap stars in recent interviews.

    Lori Wilson asked Texas Battle (Marcus, Bold and the Beautiful) what types of movies he goes in for. "I like those kind of movies that are suspenseful. I like the ones where you think you know who did it or you know where it’s going and right at the end there’s a twist. I like “The Sixth Sense”, I like the “Saw” movies. I saw “Mirrors” the other day. I just like movies with a twist at the end, where you think you know, but you don’t know. I also like movies like, “Crash”, that go back and forth from the beginning to the end. You just don’t know where it’s going so you have to pay attention."

    Lori spoke with Winsor Harmon, (Thorne, Bold and the Beautiful) and Winsor adores movies. Here’s what he had to say. “I’m a big movie fan, but I’m not a person that goes to the movies. It used to be fun to go to the movies, but every time I go now, there’s people talking and cell phones ringing, so I built a theater in my house. It’s a 110 inch screen and because I vote for the Academy Awards I get every movie when it’s released on DVD anyway. I pretty much just watch them at home. I just watched again last night, “Transformers.” I don’t know what it is about that movie, but it’s just a great movie. And I’m a huge fan of the “Ocean’s” movies, “Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13” because those guys have so much fun together. I would love to be able to have five of my best friends and go out to Vegas and shoot movies and do stuff like that. That’s got to be the pinnacle of what you do for a living.

    Lori Wilson spoke with Arianne Zuker (Nicole Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives) , and we already know that Arianne loves movies. Do you enjoy the same movies as Arianne? "I love comedy, action, you know I love a good drama now and again, but Ihave to admit I love just laughing. So those are my favorites. I finally just saw “Transformers” and I am in love with Shai LeBouef. He was cracking me up in this movie. When I saw him in the trailers for “Indiana Jones”, I went, “Ugh!” because I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan and I was like, “I don’t know…” and then I saw the movie and I went, ‘Oh yeah, I’m sold! He’s adorable!’”

    Kristian Alfonso (NBC)
    Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady, Days of Our Lives), told Lori Wilson “I love the movies when I get a chance to watch them. I like a little bit of everything. The last movie I saw that truly took my breath away I have to say was “Gladiator”. It was magnificent to look at. It was just so beautiful. The story was fantastic, the love. It was so poignant because that love for his family, for his wife, for his son, carried all the way through the movie and it was never forgotten. I thought it was really just unbelievable. And “The Jim Braddock story”. I think Russell Crowe is amazing."

    Lori Wilson spoke with Linden Ashby, (ex- Paul Hollingsworth, Days of Our Lives) who told her, “I love going to the movies – good ones,” he says! “I just saw “Tropic Thunder” and I liked it a lot. Laughed a lot.”

    Julie Clark Robinson spoke with Lindze Letherman (General Hospital's ex-Georgie) What she thought the best movie of the year is. Lindze says, "For a while it was Iron Man... The Hulk was really great, but I'm a huge fan of “The Dark Knight” - it really got me. It wasn't the fact that it was Heath Ledger's last performance, it was because he was incredible in it."

    Amy Mistretta asked Andrea Evans (Tina Lord, One Life to Live) what types of movies she goes in for. Andrea answers, “A good thriller." She goes on to say that the best movie of the year was either “Sex and the City" or "Mamma Mia.”

    Amy Mistretta asked David Fumero , (Cris Vega, One Life to Live what types of movies he watched and he told her, “Action or fantasy, but I really like action movies.” Best movie of the year, so far, for David, went to “Dark Knight”. When asked if he also enjoyed Indy movies, art films, old black and whites, David says, “I like them all.”

    Lori Wilson spoke with Eric Marstolf (ex-Ethan, Passions, Brady, Days of Our Lives) on movies. He says this, “I love the fact that I can say I haven’t seen a movie in the movie theatre since “Dreamgirls”. When you have two, two and half twin boys, you just don’t get out of the freakin’ house. My wife was funny, she said, ‘Eric you need some man time.’ So she went out and rented “Indiana Jones” and the Al Pacino movie, “88 Minutes” and I sat up the other night and I watched both of those movies in their entirety. So I felt like I kind of got back on track with movies. But the movie theater, I don’t even know what one looks like.

    Candace Young asked Kate Linder (Esther, The Young and the Restless) if she has seen any good movies lately and Kate said "Mamma Mia" was amazing. She noted that she had seen the stage version so many times she lost count, and that Meryl Streep and the rest of the cast did an incredible job in the movie version! now asks you, the reader, which types of movies you go in for and what was your favorite movie of the year, so far? Did you like the same movies as the soap stars did? Leave us a comment!

    - Amy Mistretta
    - Candace Young
    - Julie Clark Robinson
    - Lori Wilson

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    Posted by josswhedonaddict at Tuesday, November 25 2008 04:51 AM

    I can't believe I'm saying this because there are so many problems I have with it, but I'm gonna say it anyway...Twilight. I'm choosing to focus on the excellent casting of the three leads, Bella, Edward and Jacob.

    Posted by Eppy at Tuesday, November 25 2008 05:29 AM

    I really liked this year's new movie The Visitor and Slumdog Millionaire. I'm only just now beginning to watch some of the newly released movies so I'm sure there will be more I could add to this year's list. Also, Frozen River.

    Posted by jcrobinson at Tuesday, November 25 2008 07:58 AM

    I really, really loved "Duchess" and you know what? "W." wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Very enlightening.

    Posted by Amy at Tuesday, November 25 2008 08:23 AM

    I have to say, for months I was so sick of hearing my husband watch Transformers - until I actually sat down and watched it myself! Loved the movie and have to agree with Arianne... Shai LeBouef is a hottie!


    Posted by Beckicat at Tuesday, November 25 2008 10:25 AM

    Wow there sure are a lot of Transformers fans!
    It was a good movie & SL is a doll. I loved him in Even Stevens.

    I like movies with a twist like TB said but my fav's are Lord of The Rings & Chronicals of Narnia.
    Great movies & even better books!

    Posted by MarMall at Tuesday, November 25 2008 11:26 AM

    Yet again, no GL actors are interviewed. But 3 DOOL and 2 OLTL actors are. Can we make this more even next time?

    Posted by ssmithgermantown at Saturday, November 29 2008 12:23 AM

    I highly recommend watching "Why did I get Married" "Made of Honor" "WALL-E" "Kung Fu Panda" "Hancock" These were all just absolutely wonderful movies! MUST SEE!!!

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