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    Soaps Spoiler Digest.

    Sunday, July 15 2012

    Blindside. (
    This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here's a little taste.

    The Bold And The Beautiful:
    Liam tells Hope what happened and asks for forgiveness. Ridge and Brooke talk about the best way to be there for Hope. Brooke realizes Liam held back on his confession and Brook confronts him about it. Steffy relives her encounter with Liam. Liam tells Steffy he came clean, but she is surprised by what Hope has to say when she pays her a visit. Dayzee and Marcus announce their wedding and move forward with the event. Rick is not deterred by Caroline’s romance with Thomas.

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    Days Of Our Lives:

    Lucas doesn't want his kids around EJ, and pockets the envelope containing news that EJ is not Stefano's son when Will drops it. The police find the black gloves in EJ’s apartment that he threw away at the pier. They test positive for gunshot residue. Sami believes EJ and they share sexual tension. Chad breaks a window at Andrew's place as Gabi hides. He is restrained by the police and Gabi almost confesses to him. Melanie smells gas. Ian thinks about how he has framed EJ. Abe plans a tribute for Lexi, a fundraiser for Autism research. Carrie leaves for Switzerland with Austin.

    Find out the answers to these questions and more Salem spoilers for yourself in the Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

    Heather fills Luke in. (
    General Hospital:

    Kate visits Joe Jr. Later, he needs help taking Sonny down. Kate's memory leads to more problems. Johnny makes things difficult for Lulu and Dante. The Haunted Star reopens. Heather tells Luke her plan and needs help from an old acquaintance. Todd is freaked out by Blair’s impending return. He turns to Carly for help. Olivia becomes a target and Patrick is shocked by what he sees.

    Find out what else is going to happen in the Newest General Hospital Spoilers.

    The Young And The Restless:

    Nick ditches Phyllis after the truth emerges regarding the hit and run. Later, she is arrested. Jack’s leg moves in front of Sarge but he wants to keep it a secret. Paul is arrested. Michael and Ronan vow to help him get released. Chelsea and Adam prepare to marry while Sharon tries to stop it. Eden still can’t remember.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by firouchka at Sunday, July 15 2012 03:51 PM

    When I read all the comments about Liam I go back to those days when he was a pure, clean, strong teen age in love with Hope and then from the day Steffie went to Bill's office , after she was dumped by Bill who felt to owe her a favor, asked him to make it for her with Liam and asked him to help her , everything changed. I feel so bad for Liam, the boy does not realize that how his father and Steffie brain washed him and put the idea of being in love with Steffie in his mind. He is weak but not pathetic, he is confused not A.H. He has been completely recruited by Steffie's team all along during the time he should have left alone and enjoy his relationship with his love; Hope. If there is anyone fault it is every one who encouraged, pushed, manipulated, and put the idea of him to love Steffie to give support for Steffie during his relationship with Hope and they are not one or two from Bill who thought he should pay to Steffie for leaving her, Steffie herself with the art of her speech pretend as a real supportive friend to convince and make him doubtful about Hope's love and commitment for Liam !!! , Taylor with her old, thick baggage of losing Ridge to Brook, Stephanie to be prejudice for her real grandchild a Forrester, Ridge who felt guilty for leaving his children and cover it with supporting her to go after Liam and approving her fake marriage to Liam against Hope's engagement , and all these people over and over gave speeches about how great Steffie is, how incredible , sexy, smart, capable she is and how Hope is week, vulnerable and selfish who loves herself more than Liam , to convince Liam that Steffie is the one who scarifies for her love and stand for him , in the other hand bad mouthing Hope of being self center and not dependable !!!!

    what do you expect from a young boy to face all these confusing opinions about a sexy smart girl against a nice, kind Innocent girl with values and principles ,who does not even knows what the hell is going behind her back to her fiance ?? !!! what do you expect Liam think ? He has lost his own thoughts and opinion , he has been infiltrated by Steffie's team all along and above all Steffie herself whom he still think she is his best friend , while she knew from the day one there should be something going on with Bill for the wedding when he insisted her to go to Italy, when he insisted her to Stay and be there for Liam , when she got the order from Bill to go to Liam's room in the Hotel, how come such a smart girl did not guess ????? I do not believe for one minute that she did not suspect that there is something fishy about Bill request . She did not even asked him for her own sake in order to be able to deny it and claim not knowing anything. That is exactly the way it has been going on. I really feel bad for Liam , poor guy, he has lost his power to think and use his own brain . Last but not least I feel so sorry for Hope who should pay the price for the adults baggage , jealousy and betrays. She has not done anything all these time but being a good hearted , honest, honorable young girl. not week but strong with values . She does not deserve any of this .

    I am surprise of some comments here . How can you talk about Hope so unfair and support Steffie ? Hope is an intelligent young girl with good heart and high values, the only weakness she might have is the trust she has for people she loves including Steffie, Liam .... She can not even imagine something like that happened , she trusted Steffie being there to support her not to be there for getting back Liam by Bill's suggestion..... . She trust Liam because he told her over and over that he loves her and she is the one he wants to marry and have kids with!!! On the other hand Steffie is still lying about the whole thing the only thing she does is to move the whole situation to her benefit from showing Hope her fake support , but when she get alone with Liam she use her looks, soft talk and sexy moves and even worst to give Liam that she is the best friend who wants the best for him !!! to keep Liam attracted and wants her more !!! she uses the trust of even Liam as a good friend !! How can you blame Brooke for supporting her daughter and not wants the history repeat and because of her experience she believes no secret should stand between a husband and wife. Taylor still is in revenge mood against Brooke so far that she even with a joy talks about destroying Hope's marriage so Steffie get Liam back. Liam last but not least has been brain washed by her father and Steffie for a long time who can not even thing for himself anymore. Words by Bill and Steffie goes to his brain and registered there . He used to be a strong loving boy for Hope now he is programmed by Bill and Steffie and all the Steffie team to love Steffie to admire Steffie. The whole beautiful love story which made me even watch Bold and Beautiful and follow it has been destroyed ( I used to watch B&B once in a while when I went to my aunt house to visit her but after Liam and Hope I became a follower , unfortunately the way I see it and where it goes , I guess I will be back to not following it. I feel so sick of all these schemes, tricks , manipulations dishonesty and destroying the goodness against the those who will not stop of anything to get what they want even a good human being(Hope) happiness, future , mental health and dignity). It was the most beautiful love story on soaps land, it reminded me of my teenage time and the movie Love Story , but the writer destroyed it and still does not want to correct it and bring back the Love between Hope and Liam back as strong as before and as happy as the good old days, why not for once one love story in a soap stay clean and beautiful without any interruption? !!! Goodness is not weakness, trust is not stupid. Steffie is still manipulating the whole situation to her benefit. not telling the truth about everything she knows to Liam , how can he should trust her !!! Hope was damned because she did not tel him about the Dr. and Pills which was something personal and had nothing to do with some one else's life , but now Steffie is full of lies to Liam and people still admire her and recruited, programed Liam fall s in it !!! Until now Bill was every where to make Liam to love Steffie to bad mouth Hope but now since the wedding after he promised he will support Hope, where is he to support his son's marriage and family ? where is Bill to reprogram his son to bring back his son's brain to think and not deluded by Steffie's lies again ? Where is that supportive, strong father now. ? Everyone is giving Liam's advise except his father now that he might need him most . Now that his father is supposed to protect the family to protect his son, his daughter in law who said he will love her like a daughter !! He is the only one who can step inn and this time start to stop Steffie's nonsense fight and manipulation against his son marriage. what happened to the father who was all the time sending ideas to his son's head regarding Steffie and now he is the one who can send the idea of his marriage and love for Hope ,. How come all of sudden Bill has disappeared from Liam's life while he was on his neck before ? !!!! well the writer wants it this way which is very much insult to all of us as audience.I have said over and over that I used to just see the B&B occasionally when I was visiting my aunt but from the time the love story between Liam and Hope started I began to watch it regularly, unfortunately the love story of this two beautiful kids went so many time to the deepest syndrome and they came out of it the worst part was in Mexico when Liam strongly felt his love for Hope and was ready to ask Steffie the divorce but by Bill's nasty plot everything changed. When the truth came out in my opinion ti should have been the end of this triangle and after Bill exposed he should have left them alone and for couple of years at least we could have a nice and beautiful love story continue. Unfortunately the writer and producer thought that we got so much involved and rating is high , so they decide to drag the story until now and from the spoiler will continue so. I am so sorry because if this triangle does not end in the next two weeks which I think it has been filmed already and can not be changed , then I am not saying I will make a difference but I am sure a lot of others will feel the same as I feel and will not watch the B&B at least in the way we are watching it now. I stopped watching it regularly since the return of Mexico and prolonging the stupid triangle now I was happy that the wedding is going through and we can have another story line may be Rick, Caroline , Thomas, may be Rik Steffie Deacon , may be Deacon Steffie Bill , well it seems the writer and producer are fooled by our attention to Hope and Liam love affair and do not realize that everything has got a limit and they might loose a lot of their followers by continuing this.

    Following my last explanation regarding my view on the whole story , I have got more confidence on what I said before. Did you notice what Taylor said to Brook yesterday I code " Steffie happened to be in the hotel when Liam arrived !!!!"

    did you notice how Steffie with her soft voice continue to rise Liam's feeling for her and remind him all over again if Hope has not been arrived they were married !! how she is sorry that it was because of her Liam is in this mess ( just to get more approval from Liam about his feeling for her) !!! well she does not say one word to Liam about her reason to be in Italy , her reason to appear in his room !!! her involvement with Bill and still playing a great act that she wants Liam's happiness !! She love herself nobody else !!! did you notice how she played with words when she was talking to Liam !!! did you notice how she looked at him and made him feel sexy !!! That is the great connection they talk about and it is so clear to Steffie so she use it.

    Did you notice how Taylor is behind her daughter scheme this time !!! Taylor knows about Bill involvement but does not say one word.

    Any how I think the only victim in this story is Hope and she is paying a big price for her husband weakness and masterminded Bill, Steffie and now Taylor and Brooke . the only thing I really like to see is when Liam tell Hope, she shows her strength and prove to Taylor and Steffie that they were sooooo wrong about her , she will fight for her love and her husband. she should shake her husband head and this time no Merci make him realize all these pretense and games they have played with his mind.

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