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    LATEST NEWS's Mailbag: Hot Or Not!

    Tuesday, June 26 2012

    Todd on GH. (
    You said it!

    After reading our mailbag, has noticed a rise in complaints about the Liam/Steffy/Hope love triangle on "Bold And The Beautiful," along with some shared love for "Days Of Our Lives," comments about the "One Life To Live" crossover on "General Hospital" and an objection of where "Young And The Restless" is going with their cast.

    An anonymous "B&B" fan tells, "I like 'B&B', but there is too much drama. Why can't somebody get Bill off the show? Let Liam and Hope be happy for once. After all, they were supposed to be married from the beginning and Hope didn't have to lie to get him to marry her. Things like this will discourage a lot of young individuals who are considering marriage. It will also cause young individuals to think that what is going on is right when it is not."

    An anonymous "GH" fan says, "I wanted to let you know that I have been watching ‘General Hospital’ for years. I understand the comings and goings of actors and characters, after all it is a show that has been on for many years. I enjoy watching a loving couple although with their ups and downs, but at least they are together, and married is better. I do not like that someone like Carly has nothing better to do, like watch her daughter or comfort her son, than to butt into Jason and Sam's lives. Again I understand it is a soap opera. It just seems like the storylines and the plots aren't as good as they used to be with the older actors on it. And please if Todd has to be on ‘General Hospital’ can he please learn to say Corinthos? Sorry, but I never cared for this Todd Manning, not the same as the first, he never grew on me and was one of the reasons I quit watching ‘OLTL’. Good luck on the future stories and the show."

    Fellow "Days Of Our Lives" addict Rose says, "I have been addicted to ‘Days’ since I was a teenager now averaging at least 40 years of total commitment. My grandmother, rest her soul was also a devotee and I promised her that I would continue to watch the show on her behalf: a great excuse! Gran died in 1990 and 'Days' lives on! Keep the script, action, tug of war, adventure and grief pouring because it really truly reflects our lives. Long live ‘Days of Our Lives’ all the way from Australia.

    Aspiring actress Courtney says, "Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) does not seem to belong and her acting is subpar. I feel like bringing some of the cast from other soaps is cheapening ‘GH’ for me and it has been hard to watch and I have been fast forwarding through most of the shows or skipping them all together, which makes me sad. I love this show, but it has taken a strange turn, even for a soap. Also, I would like to add that maybe one day I could be on the show. I don't even care what I would play, it would be so amazing to be a part and meet some if not all of the cast. Like I said above, I have watched this show since I was three and my siblings watch as well. Maybe someday my dream of being on the show will come true."

    "General Hospital" fan Debra says, "I would like to see Sonny and John combine forces to go after Skully, when Sonny finds out Skully raped Kate/Connie."

    Harmony & Tucker (
    "B&B" viewer Judy says, "I’ve tried passing this on to ‘B&B’ with no response, so I thought maybe you could. We are sick to death of the Hope storyline, been going on for too long. Bring back Thorne and Taylor or anybody for that matter."

    Sarah remarks, "I've been an avid watcher of 'The Young and The Restless' my whole life and have always found it so exciting. Lately they keep showing Daisy, Ricky, Carmine, Genevieve, Tucker and a bunch of other losers that I don't care about and I'm missing all the vets, all the good actors that people want to watch. It's been a big snorefest since June 2011. If this keeps up I will be forced to stop watching."

    Viv has a brilliant idea, one the "DOOL" viewers have been raving about. She says, "When it was rumored that Stefano was going to be killed and he disowned EJ I thought, 'Here comes Susan Banks'!

    Beverly has a complaint about Bill Spencer that we’ve seen before..."I have been watching 'Bold and the Beautiful' and I think you need to take Bill Spencer down a notch to prove him he is not God. What he pulled in Mexico was bad enough, but now this with Deacon. Come on guys help me out here."

    Do you have something you'd like to get off your chest regarding your favorite soap? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by GLfan85 at Thursday, June 21 2012 07:42 AM

    I am sick of the Phyllis Newman show on Y&R. I love to hate the character and have even had compassion for her a time or two. But they have put her in EVERY s/l it seems! To make matters worse, they have turned Sharon into an unrecognizable character. I love Sharon, but right now I can't stand what they have her doing! There was HUGE out cry against them pairing her with Victor. But they did it anyway! WHY???? They want to spice up the show, why can't they do it without so much doom and gloom? But if that is a must, why don't re-visit the paternaty of Summer (many think Jack is the father). Bring some drama, re-vistit Sharon's past. Have it discovered that Victor is dying (heart is failing, something anything). Have Nick take his place and become the product of his DNA; ruthless but with a heart! REALLY want some drama, keep Daisy, get rid of Ricky and give more than one s/l at a time! Have Adam be more than a prop for everyone else!

    Posted by GLfan85 at Thursday, June 21 2012 07:47 AM

    The B&B triangel is getting so old! The best thing the writers could do is make BOTH Hope and Steffy realize what a loser Liam really is! They made a STRONG character of Steffy into a softy with a heart. And made Hope who had standards and convitions and lived by them into a liar and an adulter who is unstable and abused perscription drugs! And Bill! WOW! I love the drama he brings, but some of the stuff he does is just unexcusable! They've turned the greats like Stephanie, Ridge, Brooke, Taylor and Rick into supporting actors, proping this ignorant triangel. They let someone great like Nick and Bridget go and have had Thorn in the basement for YEARS! I miss Nick! Then when they let him go they forgot all about his and Brooke's son!

    Posted by LunchtimeListner at Tuesday, June 26 2012 05:10 AM

    I am a long time viewer of B&B and I find the story lines that drag on and on very boring, the show is only a half hour long, so we need to condense some of the redundancy. We see the same thing over and over. How many times can Steffy and Liam say goodbye? Steffy, Liam and Hope are not the only characters on the show. While Triangles were popular in the 80’s and 90’s , I do not feel people want to see it over again. I so much miss the fashion side of the show.
    I prefer to see the kids in the show around holidays, and not just mentioned. Who has a big thanksgiving and lets RJ and Ally go eat in the den with the football game, while they force Hope to toast the newlyweds, her step-sister and ex fiancée?
    I prefer more believable story lines, and would have liked to see more about Eric and Donna’s divorce not just a mention. A trial or some fighting over property, etc. I dislike when character just vanish without any explanation., like Jackie, Nick and company. They could have had a trail and sent them to jail, for steal designs or something, not just end the character. I think the show is over due for a good mystery, maybe a murder, a trial or something interesting. Thanks for listening.

    Posted by LauraStefan at Tuesday, June 26 2012 08:05 AM

    I for one love Tucker,GenV and thought Ricky was fantastic and I liked Daisy as well on Y&R! You can never please everyone. It's not the actors faults if the writers can't come up with better storylines.The vets on this show - Victor/Nikki/Jack/Phyllis always have ongoing storylines so to say they don't is ridiculous. Jill is off the show for now because the actress took a leave for 6 months but the show has a big storyline coming up for her. I just started watching the show because I love Genie Francis and Stephen Nichols,they add alot to the show and they both have tons of fans. I don't like that the Phyllis character is on almost every other day but hey everyone deserves a storyline. You can't always have it all your way!

    Posted by glitterbag at Tuesday, June 26 2012 10:07 AM

    Young and Restless: When is someone going to stand up to Victor. He thinks he is a thug. An tough gang member. All dressed up in black. I wish someone would wipe that smirk off his face that he is always wearing. In other words, bring Victor down!

    Posted by ladyrose55 at Tuesday, June 26 2012 01:52 PM

    I love Y&R but I wish someone would knock Victor off this throne .He acts like he runs everyones life.But he sure isn't doing any thing about own life. And Phyllis is jumping from bed to bed.Now she's married ,how long that will last.I liked Daisy I think she was really trying to change.But no one would give her a chance.I don't think it was her falt the way she had to grow up.I think she was just looking for love and a family.And no one would give her a chance .

    Posted by will-i-am at Friday, June 29 2012 05:07 AM

    I am a B&B watcher. Like everyone else i am tired of the Hope and Brooke show. Please writers let us see the other actors. Yesterdays show was wonderful a believeable show. Please brings the other actors back. Not just Brooke and Hope. The other actors need their paychecks too.

    Posted by lambb at Saturday, June 30 2012 09:20 AM

    I would love to see Hope and Liam happy and left alone. I think they have used this particular triangle enough getting old. Bill and Liam has gotten away with so much both need to be revealed and they also need to find Steffy somebody of her own not a man who is in a relationship. I think Liam needs to no what his father has done enough is enough.

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