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    Prospect Park Suspends Online Migration of All And Children And One...

    Wednesday, November 23 2011

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    Posted by FanoftheDrama at Friday, November 25 2011 11:04 PM

    What if they did the AMC and OLTL once a week like they do prime time shows? Obviously I would prefer everyday but at least if they ran it once a week (even temporarily) they could tie up some of the story lines properly. We all had our hopes up for the online version and now we are just left with open story lines and no final ending to properly say good bye to a show we have watched for many many years! I hope OLTL still has time to change some of the endings they had planned so they could continue the soap online to give us a solid ending that AMC did not get the chance to do. This is all so sad very very sad

    Posted by Very Upset at Monday, November 28 2011 12:12 PM

    I am so upset right now over the news of suspending the soaps. What is wrong with you people? You promise the viewers that All My Children will be online to view and now this disturbing news. What the Hell? You put some stupid cooking show on in replace of All My Children, that I'm pretty sure there aren't alot of viewers watching that show. Somebody needs to put this soap back on air. Why can't Soap Net run the soaps? Oprah has money to put it on her channel. How can you disapoint so many fans out there? If anyone is doing anything to try and fight this, please let me know because I want to do what I can to bring the soaps back on.

    Posted by nmelman at Monday, November 28 2011 05:23 PM

    I have absolutely given up ABC. I have watched the soaps for 43 years of my life. How can this be gone? Especially while I lay in bed with cancer and nothing to watch. Why can't all the soaps be on the soap opera tv channel? I know that ABC does not care but they really have lost quite a few viewers. I cried over this situation today. End of a part of my life. Things change. I hate the networks anyway. I hope ABC reads some of this.

    Posted by nmelman at Tuesday, November 29 2011 12:44 PM

    I can barely watch any remaining show without getting thoroughly depressed. This was such a huge disappointment and I truly do not know how to make it through the day with my soaps I have watched for over 43 years. That part of my life is over and it feels like a death. I will never watch ABC again for the rest of my life. Obviously they do not care. I have read many many letters that feel the same as myself. I am done.

    Posted by survivor06 at Tuesday, November 29 2011 01:55 PM

    Bah HUMBUG!

    Posted by OLTLfan111 at Tuesday, November 29 2011 06:54 PM

    This is the worst - It is that I felt horrible when I heard OLTL was being cancelled by then you get your hopes up when you hear it's going online and now this. I feel extremely let down by the people at Prospect Park. You had a great opportunity to continue with a much followed and much loved show and you dropped the ball. It's bad enough that ABC feels we need more reality and talk shows and lets us down by dropping shows many of us have watched for forever (I've been a viewer for over 30 years)and now Prospect Park disappoints us as well. I just can't believe that the fans are given no respect - we emailed, called, wrote letters,etc. and all to no avail. I'm truly hoping someone like Oprah or another intelligent person who cares about what viewers want to see will pick up OLTL and AMC. This is truly heartbreaking news.

    Posted by BillCanada at Tuesday, November 29 2011 08:10 PM

    It is very sad to see these long running daytime dramas come to an end but they have run their course otherwise ratings would have been much better. So many things have changed. People's viewing habits have changed. The writing for all soaps these days is not what it used to be. They just keep recycling the same old storylines over and over and over again. Viewers are sick and tired of it. Why would more people watch a soap opera online instead of on a nice larger TV screen? They wouldn't. Look what happened with Passions on NBC. It was cancelled and picked up by DirecTV only to be cancelled again a year later. ABC should end OLTL in a very happy way so that the fans are happy. They should also wrap up AMC with a 2 hour series finale episode in prime time so they can send it off with the class and grace it deserves. That cliffhanger they left us with was ridiculous. JR should not have been thinking of killing anyone or himself. Wrap it up so everyone has a happy ending, please. The fans and the characters deserve it.

    Posted by Kielgirl at Wednesday, November 30 2011 03:58 AM

    I really think we as fans should get together and petition to the Oprah network to continue our soaps. Oprah really cares about women and is always willing to help. This is crazy after all the talk and excitement and now this. I even bought a new Smart Tv to watch online soaps. This truly is crap my goodness. I have watched these soaps since a child I feel like I am loosing a family........blah

    Posted by grandmanean at Thursday, December 01 2011 06:02 AM

    To those of you who may not have read all the details in the last 7 mos. since the shows were cancelled:
    1. Soapnet is also owned by ABC/Disney and when they axed the soaps, they axed Soapnet too (eff. Jan. '12).
    2. The rumor is that General Hospital was indeed cancelled as well but was given an extra year...until Katie Couric is ready to take over the time slot (I hate Katie Couric .
    3. Oprah said no and even put out a video declining to take on the soaps..."was not the direction she wanted her show to go in". And there you have it. Big HISSSSS !

    Posted by Mezzoid at Thursday, December 01 2011 07:23 PM

    So, you guys wait until AFTER they finish shooting the remaining episodes to cancel your plans. And I'm sure people turned down work because you committed to them.

    You all are seriously a bunch of d*cks.

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