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    Prospect Park Suspends Online Migration of All And Children And One...

    Wednesday, November 23 2011

    Breaking news.

    Updated 2013:

    Please view Prospect Park To Migrate AMC And OLTL Online for all current updates on the upcoming reboots. regrets to report that Prospect Park will not be able to continue with their plan to migrate "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" online. A statement from Prospect Park was released and reads:

    After five months of negotiations with various guilds, hundreds of presentations to potential financial and technology partners, and a hope that we could pioneer a new network for the future, it is with great disappointment that we are suspending our aspirations to revive "One Life to Live" and "All My Children" via online distribution. It is now becoming clear that mounting issues make our ability to meet our deadlines to get "OLTL" on the air in a reasonable time period following its January 13, 2012 ABC finale impossible.

    We believed the timing was right to launch an Online TV Network anchored by these two iconic soap operas, but we always knew it would be an uphill battle to create something historical, and unfortunately we couldn’t ultimately secure the backing and clear all the hurdles in time. We believe we exhausted all reasonable options apparent to us, but despite enormous personal, as well as financial cost to ourselves, we failed to find a solution.

    While we narrowed in on a financial infrastructure, the contractual demands of the guilds, which regulate our industry, coupled with the program’s inherent economic challenges ultimately led to this final decision. In the end, the constraints of the current marketplace, including the evolution and impact of new media on our industry simply proved too great a match for even our passion.

    In our opinion, new models like this can only work with the cooperation of many people striving to make them happen, and we would like to thank and praise the numerous people who tried to help and showed us incredible support. We are extremely grateful to the fans and media who showed great support to us through this process, to ABC who did everything in their control to help, and we are especially grateful for the support and encouragement from many of the Soaps’ cast and crew themselves.

    We hope that our efforts are not lost, and that we somehow created a dialogue and movement on the feasibility of first run, network quality content online.

    Of special note, we would like to thank Frank Valentini (Executive Producer), Ron Carlivati (Head Writer of OLTL), Agnes Nixon, many of the cast of OLTL including Michael Easton [John], Ted King [Tomas], Kelley Missal [Dani], Melissa Archer [Natalie], and of course Erika Slezak [Viki] all of whom signed on quickly and did all they could to help, as well as our own Christine Sacani. ["All My Children's] Cameron Mathison [Ryan] and Lindsay Hartley [Cara] also get our sincerest thanks for their support. We feel terrible we couldn't come through for them and we were very much looking forward to working together.

    With appreciation, Rich Frank and Jeffrey Kwatinetz

    Though we are very saddened by this news, and for the soap opera fans, respects Prospect Park's attempts to keep the shows alive.

    AFTRA has released a statement:

    AFTRA is the union that represents actors on "AMC" and "OLTL."

    "AFTRA was deeply disappointed to read that the executives at Prospect Park have decided to suspend their efforts to produce the long-running and popular daytime serials, "One Life to Live" and "All My Children," via online distribution. Despite initial progress in our negotiations with Prospect Park toward resolving a fair agreement to cover the performers appearing on these programs, we were perplexed and disappointed that for the past month Prospect Park has not responded to our repeated inquiries to resume those discussions. We now conclude from the press reports that Prospect Park faced other challenges unrelated to our negotiations, which prevented continuation of those discussions. We remain hopeful that an opportunity to revive these two popular series will emerge in the future, and remain ready to resume discussions should that opportunity arise."

    Join us on Twitter @soapoperafan, and Facebook. Come tweet and Facebook with us all the other soap operas, "Dirty Soap," "Glee," "Grey’s Anatomy," "Vampire Diaries" and "Venice The Series."

    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by Sunshine8 at Wednesday, November 23 2011 12:35 PM

    This is such an unbelievable upset! Total shock and confusion on my face. After all of the hype and promises to the fans (that ABC and Soapnet disappointed us)not only do we get our shows cancelled...but we get CLIFFHANGERS WITHOUT a true series ending...a conclusion...a finale.

    The devotion that fans have given to ABC and Soapnet was definitely not appreciated. It's sad and disheartening.

    Posted by iluvtad at Wednesday, November 23 2011 12:57 PM

    I don't know what to say, I feel betrayed by Prospect Park, and feel all the phone calls, letters, and online signed petitions were all a wasted effort.
    Unless it is a complete retraction of this article, I never want to hear or see the words "Prospect Park" again. ABC was kicked to the curb by me months ago. I have had enough.

    Posted by raylit at Wednesday, November 23 2011 02:20 PM

    From what this said it is not them to blame. Apparently the actors and other crew thought their services were now worth far more than it was thus killing the project!!! Thanks folks for respecting your fans...............hope karma puts you in the welfare lines now with no one whnting to hire your sorry selves.

    Posted by annad at Wednesday, November 23 2011 02:22 PM

    Okay now this is a load of B.S. I had just signed up to watch the show online and now they do this crap to us. Also how are going to make the storylines come to an end like Tea Delgado pregnancy storyline or Blair's love triangle. I know think that Oprah should put these shows on her channel and we watch them on her show or something. please we can't have the soaps end we them. Besides The Chew and The Revolation or whatever it's called can kiss my A**!

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Wednesday, November 23 2011 02:31 PM

    Dan J. Kroll at was skeptical of Prospect Parks ability to move the soaps online when they didn't have the money needed, and contracts were slow in getting signed. He was right to be skeptical. Prospect Park bit off more than they could chew. They approached this the wrong way. They should have hired people experienced with online soaps/shows to get it done on a limited budget. They should have treated the soaps like independent films on shoestring budgets and acted accordingly. 30 minute soaps, lower salaries and production values was a more realistic approach. They should have considered adding other programs to garner interest. Also, a store to sell merchandise, forums to discuss shows, ect. Once the network was established and made a profit then the soaps could have been expanded along with salaries. ABC was also at fault for not announcing the cancellations sooner. Prospect Park and others would have had time to raise money and get the union contracts signed. Then they could have pulled off the 2012 debut of their online network and soaps. But this didn't happen. Now there are a lot of upset people. I feel bad for OLTL fans. They're experiencing the disappointment of fellow AMC fans. Just enjoy the soap while it lasts. I'd like to be hopeful that somehow AMC and OLTL will someday be continued online. But I seriously doubt it. Maybe AMC and OLTL tv movies instead to address the cliffhangers is the way to go. Mull on that idea and express your thoughts.

    Posted by MSCOURT at Wednesday, November 23 2011 06:47 PM

    I just found out about this information on my local news this afternoon and I am NOT an happy camper. As I stopped watching the ABC Network during the "ALL MY CHILDREN" slot, I will soon do the same once "ONE LIFE TO LIVE" goes off the air. I guess the ABC network will only have my viewing during the "General Hospital" time and once they remove that (It won't surprise me if they end this soap also) I won't be watching anything on the ABC network on any TV in my home. This really sucks! No just for us the fans but for the actors and actresses of these programs. The ABC Network sure don't have my support.

    Someone mentioned Oprah trying to have them viewed on her network which is a great idea!

    Posted by SydneyOLTLover at Wednesday, November 23 2011 07:30 PM

    I could literally cry, today Matt died and now OLTL isn't going to be airred online. I have watched One Life since I was in the second grade and I cannot imagine this Soap not contining on..
    PLEASE SOMEONE PICK UP THESE SOAPS! OPRAH would become much more successful with her network if the shows where viewed on there. Her ratings would be wonderful! Someone do something, this is a great opportunity for Oprah!!

    Posted by DNight24 at Thursday, November 24 2011 07:07 AM

    I am not Thankful today

    Posted by AngelsAtWork at Thursday, November 24 2011 03:35 PM

    It would be so great if Oprah would.
    I am heartbroken we are losing our soaps.

    Posted by baicas at Thursday, November 24 2011 08:10 PM

    You know if PP was really serious they could of established a way for the fans to help keep the shows on line. The hard core fans would gladly pay to watch this show on line, maybe like a $5.00 a month fee, multiply that by 3 million fans, and that's $15,000,000 a month which would more than cover the expenses of keeping the show on line. They didn't explore that option, but I know I would pay to keep it up and running until they were on their feet.

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