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    Top Ten Worst Soap Opera Hookups.

    Tuesday, November 08 2011

    Brody and Nat. (
    Did they really go there?!

    Soap operas are known for hookups, hookups and more hookups. Some great, some questionable and some are downright terrible. While we could write a book on hookups, check out our list for the top ten worst hookups.

    10. Sharon & Adam, 2nd time around, the "Young and the Restless:"

    A list of just Sharon’s worst hookups could be done, but her second time around with Adam has to rank as her worst. The guy stole her baby, passed the baby off as Ashley’s and let poor Sharon think her baby died, and then married her. After dumping him, he managed to worm his way back into her bed after following her to New Orleans. What sort of mother could be with a man who took her daughter from her? Only our crazy complex chick, Sharon, that’s who.

    9. Taylor and Rick, the "Bold and the Beautiful:"

    Poor Doc. She can’t escape Brooke no matter what she does. The love of Taylor’s life, Ridge, chose Brooke over her. Her marriage to Nick crumbled when their baby born via in vitro fertilization turned out to be Brooke’s. So what did the doctor do? She hooked up with the only man who would not leave her for Brooke. Brooke’s son, Rick. Unfortunately, Rick had already hooked up with one of her daughters, Phoebe, and was using her to get to the other daughter, Steffy. This is one hookup that could be considered criminally insane.

    8. Maxie and Franco, "General Hospital:"

    Maxie took a walk on the wild side when eccentric artist, Franco, showed an interest in her. Their hookup has turned into the nightmare that keeps on giving, as Franco turned out to be a sociopath and killer. She also broke Spinelli’s heart in the process. Merely doing the walk of shame home will never be enough to help Maxie forget her momentary lapse in reason.

    7. Natalie and Brody, "One life to Live:"

    Natalie and Brody were on the outs with their loves, John and Jessica. Throw in some alcohol and you have one of the worst drunken encounters in daytime. Natalie was so over the top with her moaning and panting, I thought she might hyperventilate. Unfortunately, this one time hookup went on to become one bad story after another, including lying to their loved ones, mistaken paternity and the character assassination of Brody.

    6. Erica and Ryan, "All My Children:"

    Fresh on the heels of losing the love of his life, Greenlee, as well as having grief sex with Kendall, Ryan moved on with Greenlee’s arch-enemy and Kendall’s mother, Erica. It wasn’t the cougar aspect of this story that made it such a bad hookup. It was how wrong for each other this pair was, plus the icky mother/daughter aspect. It didn’t make sense that Ryan would shack up with Erica while still grieving Greenlee. Unfortunately for Ryan, Greenlee returned from the dead just in time to see him doing the horizontal tango with Erica. Much chaos ensued.

    5. Cassie and Cyrus, "Guiding Light:"

    Two of Springfield’s worst couples, Cassie and Josh and Cyrus and Harley, collided when Cassie and Cyrus had a hot encounter in a garage after a chance meeting in a bar. Both were in fights with their significant others and thought sex would make it all better. It didn’t, but fortunately for us, the two couples broke up after their tryst. There was a silver lining after all.

    4. Chloe and Lucas and EJ and Nicole, "Days of our Lives:"

    Lucas and EJ were both hung up on Sami. Sami had burned them both and they tried to get over her by simultaneously hooking up with Chloe and Nicole in elevators when the power went out. Lucas and Chloe went on to be a dud pair, but at least he didn’t call out Sami’s name like EJ did when first hooking up with Nicole. Even sex with two hotties couldn’t shake the Sami out of the guys, proving how impressive and unforgettable Sami truly is.

    Oliver does Brooke. (
    3. Carly and Holden, "As the World Turns:"

    Holden always knew how to swoop in on a damsel in distress, especially if they were Jack’s castoffs. But it was his encounter with Carly that took his Superman complex to an icky level. Even though Jack was attached to Janet at the time, Holden was still trying to work things out with estranged wife and also Carly’s best friend, Lily. While away at a camp as chaperones, the two couldn’t fight their attraction and hooked up on the floor of Holden’s camp cabin. Faith showed up shortly after and was weirded out by the odd vibe. So were we.

    2. Phyllis and Deacon, the "Young and the Restless:"

    Phyllis had just ended her marriage to Nick in a bad way. She wanted to do something dirty, and she found it in seedy bartender Deacon Sharpe. She sought out the town’s pariah and their hookup was literally dirty - in a dumpster in an alley. Our feisty redhead has made some questionable calls before, but there had to have been a classier and cleaner way to get her ex out of her system.

    1. Brooke and Oliver, the "Bold and the Beautiful:"

    Brooke very well could have been on this list for another scandalous hookup with Deacon while he was still married to daughter, Bridget, which resulted in Hope. However, it was her bizarre masked encounter with Oliver that tops the worst of the hookups. Brooke took Hope’s first sweetie by the hand, and nailed him up against a wall right in the middle of Hope’s graduation party. It was bad enough that Ollie thought Hope would be cool with her first time being on a wall surrounded by partiers. Yet for Brooke to not even recognize the man she was hooking up with wasn’t her husband was absurd. It was also disgusting.

    What did you think of’s top ten worst hookups list? Feel free to leave your comments or other suggestions below.

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    - Ally Wells

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    Posted by Eppy at Tuesday, November 08 2011 08:36 AM

    Can we add one of our own? I thought John Abbott and Gloria was a horrible hook up. No doubt she pursued him for the money and prestige and used sex enhancers (unbeknownst to him) to bolster his manly confidence. That is very dangerous stuff to give a man who had a heart condition which eventually killed him. I blame her for his death!

    Posted by Eppy at Tuesday, November 08 2011 08:41 AM

    Also Gloria and William Bardwell. She married him for the money he inherited from his mega rich uncle and then when William died, she wrangled the money away from Jeff, William's twin, who was next in line to inherit. If I'm not mistaken, she also used sex enchancers on Williamm who suffered a stroke and then she refused home nursing care for him. She and Michael treated him terribly while he was helpless to do anything about it. He died too.

    Posted by GSongBird at Tuesday, November 08 2011 08:49 AM

    I think that Paul & Nina are a bad hook-up, Heather & Ronan Victor & Dianne, Cane & Chloe, & Nikki & Deacon

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, November 08 2011 09:31 AM

    Bad hookups---according to whom?

    I liked and LOVE Adam and Sharon. they work. they have amazing chemistry. What is weirding me out is Victor's obsession with his son's women--Sharon, Diane etc.
    I think Victor wants to sleep with Sharon.

    Posted by CdaFanEN at Tuesday, November 08 2011 10:56 AM

    Oh come on, how could you NOT include Fake Todd and Amnesiac Marty on OLTL?!?! The whole rape-mance idea was beyond disturbing. Real Todd was right, did that action not strike anyone in Llanview as grossly out of character?!

    Posted by hopey pix at Tuesday, November 08 2011 12:00 PM

    I'm afraid,if they went there,Y&R could do the Victor/Sharon hook-up easy,but don't want to go there!I really want to see a Sam and Sharon hook-up now!!!Fast!!!What's the hold-up?And for Guiding Light,Cassie and Cyrus were exciting to me!!I loved them!!!I feel the worst hook-up,if it goes that way,would be Y&R's Kevin and Angelina(mob princess/Snookie look-alike)!She's a dud!They can do better for poor Kevin!!!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, November 08 2011 12:16 PM

    Sam and Sharon? why Sam has more chemistry with his farm animals. He needs to tend to his sheep and let the Sharon and Adam continue with their life together.

    I couldn't stand Sam. He was like a fish out of water. Genoa City isn't for him.

    Posted by yvonnesea at Tuesday, November 08 2011 12:45 PM

    Erica and Ryan has to be the most disturbing hook up ever, but that's a whole other list. Then there's the funniest, Nigel and Roxy? Asa and Alex? Kim and Clint Buchanan didn't make the list, I don't watch the other soaps.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 08 2011 12:55 PM

    The only 2 I know anything about are Natalie and Brody from OLTL and Ryan and Erica from AMC.

    Totally agree about Ryan and Erica, but Natalie and Brody were HOT.

    Posted by ~Alexandria~ at Tuesday, November 08 2011 04:26 PM

    The Y&R

    Adam and Sharon

    Ronan and Phyllis

    Phyllis and Deacon

    Nikki and Deacon

    Nick and Avery

    Nick and Diane

    Sam and Sharon

    Sharon and Jack

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