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    All My Children & One Life To Live To Migrate Online. (Updated.)

    Friday, November 04 2011

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    Posted by okiecarol at Thursday, July 07 2011 10:55 AM

    I just hope ABC doesn't kill off all the charactors on One Life To Live before the show goes on line ---

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, July 07 2011 11:32 AM

    This news was just announced here in Cali on ABC7 morning news. They say that the online shows will pick up where the TV shows left off. OMG This is fantastic news. I just wonder how many of the actors will stick around? Being on a online show is a lot different than being on a TV show. But still very excited. Now they need to stop killing our characters.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, July 07 2011 12:29 PM

    I want to know what the current writers are going to do about the "endings" they have promised the TV viewing public. Are we going to get them or not?

    Posted by LeaveNatalone at Thursday, July 07 2011 12:31 PM

    What good is this when you are letting all the favorites go? Todd, Chris, Dorian, David, Kelly, Joey...! Get main stars back and let lesser characters go!

    Posted by loveOLTL at Thursday, July 07 2011 12:34 PM

    Now I am very upset b/e they LET a lot of good people leaving LV including Trevor Todd.

    Hope they will change the s/l of Todd soon, but I doubt they won't extend contract for Trevor after ALL of bringing back RH

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Thursday, July 07 2011 01:07 PM

    This is great news, however, all the fans won't be watching AMC and OLTL online. Anyway, I wish them success with this venture. I wish Prospect Park had picked up ATWT. It was a better soap than AMC and OLTL. It deserved to be saved.

    Posted by SapphireGirl1226 at Thursday, July 07 2011 01:45 PM

    While I'm happy that some company has picked up the rights to the soaps (assuming all goes well on a contract front), I agree with other posters in regards to those who have already been let go, and in some cases, have already been picked up by other soaps. How are the two soaps going to go from "okay, we're done, bye everyone!" to "oh wait, we're back on!" What will happen now with the storylines, since they've been in such a rush to wrap them up by September and January respectively? Does that mean that if this deal goes through, the remaining (smaller) cast will have the same story lines from ABC's sets to work with, or will they be given entirely new story lines to work with? And, let's just assume for a second that we will have to be charged for watching the two soaps online, because with the way the economy is going, everything has a price, how many of us can seriously afford a monthly amount to pay for a "fake" show (and before you jump on my throat, yes, I know soaps have been a part of everyone's lives on this site for many years, myself included) I'm just thinking in a logical sense here, I mean, I lost a soap I loved watching a few years ago, and I thought I would be heartbroken for the time slot, but in fact, it didn't faze me after the show ended, I moved on, found other things to watch, etc. And what about those who are not able to have internet access, but want to watch the shows? (like fans in Canada), what are they to do? I think I need more clarification/information on the reality of what will happen to both soaps before I can really be thrilled or feel the way I already do. (sorry for the long rant)

    Posted by Sunflowergirl77 at Thursday, July 07 2011 02:00 PM

    OMG! I am glad to see that AMC AND OLTL is going to save now but where can I watch it at and when? Can someone please tell me this answer. E-mail me at

    Posted by RAB7 at Thursday, July 07 2011 02:08 PM

    Great news for soap fans. Now, Prospect Park should bring back "As the World Turns," my all time favorite for over 30 years!

    Posted by sailormoon at Thursday, July 07 2011 02:55 PM

    I'm so happy.

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