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    Monday, April 07 2008

    Martha Madison (ex-Belle Days (NBC)
    It’s that time again… time for to open our mailbag – the one that lets the readers’ voices be heard by all! Good or bad, we always love to hear what our readers are thinking about the current soap storylines and/or characters, casting news and especially how they are enjoying themselves here on our website…

    Beckett D: Thank you again for creating this wonderful website. It’s so easy to navigate especially the message boards. This is great. Keep up the great work!!

    Rebecca D.: This is a great website. I was visiting another but now that I found I will only be visiting you from now on! Thank you!

    Lisa S.: I love the web site. I am on it everyday.

    Ellen W.: I love this web site.

    Jessica C.: I love this site! It is the only one I use and it has the BEST info!

    Lauren D.: Thank you for a wonderful website! I visit it everyday on the Young and the Restless!

    Brandy H.: Thanks for a great site, I read it every day!

    Jan B.: I visited your site for the first time today. It has a lot of great information!

    Thanks Beckett, Rebecca, Lisa, Ellen, Jessica, Lauren, Jan and Brandy! We’re glad to have you on as well! Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see what all of our other fabulous readers had to say about their favorite soaps…

    All My Children

    Love it: Brendel S.: Thank you very much for bringing Jesse back from the dead. I have watched All My Children since I was a little girl with my mother. After college, I also watched, I married and had my children watching All My Children. My children are grown and were devoted fans also. True, the cast changed, but when the cast changed to having an occasional African American and when Greenlee left too, we stopped watching. It lacked what the real world looks like. I am a 60+ African American and pleased with my favorite soap again. My working daughters and niece are now calling again or viewing it after work. It is great to see Opal and the seasoned cast again. THANKS

    Love it: Gillian W.: I have been watching All My Children for quite a long time, but in this past week the lighting has been great. I am able to see the features and expressions of the characters much clearer than in the past. Thanks for whatever you've done to improve the lighting.

    Love it: Juanitz C.: I just wanted to let you know that All My Children is the greatest show on TV!

    Hate it: Denise K.: What on earth are they thinking sticking Kendall in this ridiculous "Love Triangle"! Why is it all about how wanted and wonderful she is? Ryan, Zack, and Aidan! She needs to get a good "bop in the head" as she knows better and has finally gotten her family and little Spike to hear now. And the book deal, come one… so sick of her "Queen mousiness". She is no Erica by any means!

    Hate it: Patricia B.: It is time Ryan gave up the disguise of having a memory loss of 4 years. It is getting sickening. He was fine when he got grazed on the side of the head. He was up and around real fast then all of the sudden amnesia sets in. Well, Annie, hit him over the head with your purse - his memory will come back then! And when it does, discard him like he is doing to you!

    Hate it: Hampy Wilson: I think Babe should see the real Richie for who he is.

    As the World Turns

    Love it: Elisha P.: I have always wondered why Oakdale, Ill? I grew up in between Pinckneyville, Ill. and Oakdale, Ill. It was just right up the road, so of course I’m a devoted fan! I live for 1:00 PM when you all come on. Keep the drama coming and please bring Craig back!

    Love it: Christina W.: Jack & Carly are awesome together! They are what keep me watching As The World Turns! Please put them back together!

    Love it: Clayton D.: I think Luke and Noah are the hottest gay couple on television!

    Hate it: Sue S.: The show would be better if they got rid of the Brad, Matt, Stacey, Sofie and Vienna - and Margo, she just falls for anything Matt and Stacey tell her.

    Hate it: Barbara J.: I can't remember when I've been this tired of a character on ATWT. The character of Carly is just old and needs to move on or off. All she does is whine and I don't even find her entertaining any longer. Please get her to move on or go away.

    Hate it: Jean D.: Your writer have ruined a show that I have enjoyed and watched for years. Two of the best actors, Craig & Dusty are gone and I’m sick of Carly & her behavior… it's boring. The show is stupid & not worth my time. Believe me I'm not a writer but I think I could do better.

    Bold and the Beautiful

    Love it: S.T. M.: Hey, it's time for Massimo to return!

    Love it: Lisa P.: Please get Brooke and Nick together and send Ridge packing. Do something with Bridget - send her to the moon. And Taylor… she got what she deserved. Brooke and Nick are the hit of the show!

    Love it: Elisabeth S.: I miss Lorenzo as Hector… He stole my heart)!

    Hate it: Sueann H.: Do the writers read the posts that viewers say? We are sure that there could have been a better way to handle a few of the storylines. It seems that they keep recycling the same things over and over again. Why? Are there not other actors on this show? Why do you have to use the same people over and over again? Some of the storylines are just so over the top and unbelievable. There is not one person or couple on this show who is actually happy.

    Hate it: Carmen G.: Does the family tree on this show only go straight up? Brooke has been with and has taken every man on this show including her son in-law, has had children with most of the men in one family and yet is still regarded as innocent on this show. I'm waiting for her to have feelings for her brother and then find out that he was adopted and they then can start a relationship. Really, writers, can we not splurge and add a character out of the family to join this show.

    Hate it: Sheri L.: The Bold and the Beautiful needs to be 1 hour long!

    Steve Burton (Jason GH) (ABC)
    Days of Our Lives

    Love it: Jackie H.: You cannot let Bo die. Hope needs him. I love Days of our Lives. I’ve watched this show since I was 12 years old and now I am 44. This is the best show. Thank you!

    Love it: Christina H.: I miss seeing Kristen. I think it would be great now that Chloe & the other Philip are both back. Hope it is a consideration.

    Love it: Sandy D.: I think that you need to put Victor and Carolyn together again. Victor has really softened up in the long run and it would be nice to not have either one of them alone. Women love bad guys anyway. It never makes anything boring. And she would soften him up. He’s too good looking to be left alone when he can be around the love of his life. Please put them together. I haven't watched Day's in a really long time but the characters that you’re bringing back from the past cast has me watching again. It’s like it used to be only better. And I'm so glad that you brought Tamera Braun on the program. Sandy Douvia… keep up the good work. We need to bring back some of the stars like Alice, Maggie, Julie and Doug who really made the show. The young one's are great but we need more of what really started the program. McDonald Carey… I miss him so much.

    Hate it: Linda W.: First of all bring, back the John we all know. This role does not suit him! I have watched Days from the beginning and so help me God if you let Bo die I will never watch it again. If Bo wants to leave the show let him ride off in the sunset on his motorcycle, but don't kill him off. People like myself who have lost loved ones to this horrible thing called cancer don't want to sit and watch it all over again on TV!

    Hate it: Donna B.: When Belle and Shawn leave the show so will I. You are making a big mistake. You will lose a lot of viewers.

    Hate it: Beverley M.: Why are you all taking off all the good players? Leave Shawn and Belle alone. They are great players. John needs to go back to the old John. The new John is not any good. Hurry up and bring Lucas back and let Bo get well.

    General Hospital

    Love it: Lashawn H.: I want Jason to get Sam out of that car. She doesn’t need to die. I want Sonny to be by himself. He doesn’t need to be with anybody at all. Jason needs to be with Liz.

    Love it: Hilda W.: I would like to see Jason get away from Sonny and try to have a decent life with Elizabeth and Jake.

    Love it: Marie G.: Keep Emily on the show! She is an awesome actress. Please convince her to stay!! From all of us to Emily on G.H.

    Hate it: June R.: I'm sorry but as long as I have been watching General Hospital the characters Kate and Sonny are so boring! There is just too much time spent on Sonny's storyline. Hopefully with this new character Claudia (love this actress) will energize Sonny's character.

    Hate it: Gilbert T.: Do not change Jason’s character. I think it is time for him to be not under Sonny. That’s been going on now too long. I also think that Trace should have a baby for Luke - to really get him going. The computer Kid (Spinelli) should be stronger. He is too weak.

    Hate it: Maggie B.: I'm so upset that G.H. brought back Diego (Ignacio Serricchio) just to take him out again. I love Diego and I was happy he was brought back. Now, in matter of weeks, he’s going to be gone. Please find a way to keep him on.

    Guiding Light

    Love it: Suzette M.: Please don't send Jon and Lizzie away. It’s been nice having Jon back on the show.

    Love it: Waffa A.: I love That Lizzie and Bill are together. They make a beautiful couple.

    Love it: Deb M.: Don’t let Gus go! I am his biggest fan. I love him. Please let him stay and let him and Nat stay together. Please keep all of the members of GL and add some more people from other soaps. Good job, GL, keep it up!

    Hate it: Linda T.: What is up with the filming technique of this soap. I have been a fan forever and I cannot stand the way it looks like a homemade video. What is going on? It is enough to make me stop watching. Is this supposed to be a new way of filming? If it is, give me the old!

    Hate it: Dianne S.: The current filming is very disturbing to watch. The quality of the filming is terrible. It looks like a young kid picked up his mom's video camera and started filming a soap opera. Please go back to studio filming!

    Hate it: Louise E.: The set is nice but the close-ups make me feel like I need to adjust my set. Very distracting to watch.

    One Life to Live

    Love it: Mary G.: Thanks for getting Moe back in the story! We missed him. He is a sweetheart. Keep making those pies, Moe, and get a restaurant in Llanview. We would love to see you relocate!

    Love it: Natasha P.: I just want to say I love One Life to Live and watch it everyday.

    Love it: Rosemary G.: I have to admit that sometimes when they take off my soaps I watch One Life to Live and its okay. It would be one that I could get used to!

    Hate it: P.D. B.: What is going on? Why are you copying off of Bold and the Beautiful by allowing the OLTL women to jump in bed with each other's Ex's? Clint was married to Viki for so many years. It's awful to see them divorced. Dorian finally got involved with Clint before he jumped in bed with Nora. How you could allow Nora to get into a relationship with Clint after she was married to his brother Beau is beyond me.

    Hate it: Jean P.: I don't particularly like the turn the show took today. I don't think there is any need for your story to have Todd beating up on teenagers. I don't like when storylines are unrealistic but I happen to think this was MUCH TOO REALISTIC AND TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

    Hate it: Virginia H.: I know Todd had a flashback from when he raped Marty, however to see him beat Starr's boyfriend like that was awful. That was a grown man beating a child and I got no enjoyment from it… IT WAS AWFUL!


    Love it: Rach J.: if love Gloria! She is the new Jill. She is fun and fun to hate. Her ways are crazy with her son. I love Michael and Lauren but I think they need a storyline. These two are great! What if the old David (from years ago) came back to taunt her then takes her hostage. She needs a storyline with her family.

    Love it: Roseanna G.: I like Passions so please put it back on NBC, so I can see it. I miss it being on NBC! Thank you so much.

    Love it: Nancy T.: Teresa loves Ethan with a passion than no one can dispute. I know that she is held captive in Mexico, but let her go back to Ethan and fry Gwen and Rebecca. I also think that baby should live, but Vincent should have complications and Eve and Julian should raise the baby. I think that Eve will hate it, but Julian will love it more than any of his other children.

    Hate it: Evette V.: I would like to say that I love Passions soaps, but I hate DirecTV. I will miss Passions but I am going back to regular cable. I also am not happy with the fact that Passions went from 5 days a week to 3. So please come back to regular cable.

    Hate it: Linda H.: The only way I get to find out what’s happening on Passions is to read it on the Internet. I do not have DirecTV nor can I afford it at the present time. I am sad to read that Theresa is dead. This show couldn't exist without her on it. She and Ethan are mainstays of the show. If you want to get rid of someone, get rid of Gwen. Her character doesn't do much for the plot nor does Rebecca's character. I want to continue to read about my favorite soap of all time. But it isn't the same. Thank you for hours of joy.

    Hate it: Christine B.: This show goes from WORSE to WORST - ever soap promoting a virus to the stability of any person watching this garbage. Rest in Peace.

    The Young and the Restless

    Love it: Kate F.: I have been watching Y&R for 26 years now. I am 30. I have watched it religiously since I was 4 years old with my mom. You all work so hard. I hate to miss an episode! Keep up the great work!

    Love it: Chris R.: The Young and the Restless has been the most realistic soap so far! They should get the Emmy again for best direction. Phyllis, Nikki, Amber, Victor and Gloria continue to keep Y&R hot!

    Love it: Sam W.: I am a fan of Y&R! I would like to see Nick and Sharon back together and also Jack and Phyllis, as well as Gloria in jail. Put Nikki with someone other then Victor.

    Hate it: Doris G.: It is tiresome watching Gloria and Jeffrey. Either get on to a different story and get rid of both of them. It is not worth watching the same stuff every day. Your storylines are too slow! Wrap up one then start another.

    Hate it: Deanna S.: I truly do not understand why the writers do not put an end to the who killed Plum and Ji Min storyline. What was the point of it all? I am beyond fed up watching the Jeffery and Gloria story. I love Gloria on the show - she is a consummate performer - but the Jeffery thing has gone beyond itself. One of the things I truly miss since 1973 is the family and substance. Now it is all silly, under developed storylines. One of the beautiful stories between two people was Adrienne Leon and Professor Korbell. As much as I love Phyllis and Nick, do they have to have sex every day on the show? Is it really necessary for we viewers to be stuck watching the sex constantly between everyone. What happened to true stories that had morals and a message?

    Hate it: Linda R.: I am sorry to say I am losing interest in Y&R. It has been ages since you had a real good storyline that was informative and interesting. Wrap up the Gloria and Jeff storyline ASAP. I would like to see Sharon back with Nick and Phyllis with Jack.

    Keep your emails coming… It could be your thoughts included in our next installment!

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    Posted by redds at Monday, April 07 2008 07:35 AM

    I am a huge fan of General Hospital and i can't wait for Jason and Elizabeth to stop sneaking around and come out in the open and say the record straight where baby Jake Martin is concern. I want them to be a family.

    Posted by old blonde at Monday, April 07 2008 05:12 PM

    I believe the Victor/Sabrina story to be sick. Why doesn't Victor ever fall for someone his own age. First he goes
    after Nicky when she was young enough to be his daughter and now Sabrina who is young enough to be his granddaughter.
    Sick is the only way to describe it. He should be back
    with Vicky if anyone at all. Even Ashley was far too young
    for him

    Posted by bunyrrabit at Thursday, April 10 2008 10:12 PM

    i would like to see black people with real story lines,not from the hood.everyone that you bring to the show was from the streets they couldn't read or something just like devon his mother is a drug addict,i'm black we grew up in a two parent home,my mother was a stay at home mom,and my father was in the military,we went on family vacations,we shopped at the mother wasn't from the streets neither was my the black charcters don't represent all of black people in do your home work next time you,write about black people in america,we live in homes too not apartments. like neil's character,and also olivia' come they can't live just as good as victor,and his family?

    Posted by bananna at Saturday, April 12 2008 07:43 AM

    AMC should have Ryan get his memory back already!! It's been dragging on too long and I'm sick of it! It'll serve him right if Annie divorces him for his long memory loss! I can't wait to see Richie get caught for his crimes.

    Posted by anglebelle1 at Sunday, April 20 2008 05:44 PM

    iwant gh 2 finally let carly and jason be a couple and im so mad that emily is not on gh she needs 2 come back and be with nick . and imiss geriogie she and dylan belong together. and robin and patrick need 2 get married ilove them and sam and lucky need 2 get married. and iwant maxi and coop back together even though he is dead and they need 2 work something out with kirsten so she can play belle on days and play maxi on gh. as for days ineed supercouple belle and shawn. iwant jason and kirsten allthough martha was good but not good enough 2 replace kirsten and jason cook. and iwant ashley benson back as abby. and hope 2 see chealsea realize what she really wants is max. but stepanie and max are cute together but chealsea was first. and iwant meme back with rex and coming back with kassie. and a baby. and passions iwant gwen finally 2 get whats coming 2 her and a happily ever after for theresa and ethan.and iwant charity 2 come back and be with miguil and ihate the recast blair redford so not miguil bring back jeese or the other 1. and bring molly stanton back as charity. and iwant kay and fox together let them be together the same way they met tuassmi have him save her life again. and let justin come back as fox. and iwant the other crane sister 2 come back and let noah and fancey be together and iwant sherdian and luis together and iwant prettys face fixed and the guy in flash backs from her past 2 come back. and iwant fancey 2 be nice again. and iwould like maria 2 be a witch 2. and for one life to live iwant star not 2 have abortion. and then iwant cole and star 2 be together. and adrianna 2 be her self again and rex and adrianna 2 get married. and gigi 2 be recasted then 2 be a family with rex and adrianna not living together of course just family. and all my children iwant ryan and annie 2 be together . and adian and greelee 2 get married. and colby 2 be with some1 else besides angies son . and ava and lily 2 be back and johnathan and lily vs. ava thing. and on young and the restless iwant sharon and nick back together and for kassie to come back .

    Posted by anglebelle1 at Sunday, April 20 2008 05:48 PM

    and also iwant siviana arias back as paloma or recast again because idont like this paloma.

    Posted by aprille1973 at Tuesday, June 28 2011 11:44 AM


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