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    Love it or hate it: Fans opinions about the soaps! New!!

    Monday, October 16 2006

    On Ashley Jensen (Cristina's) accent... Love it!
    Your opinion counts! While doesn't forward your opinion to the shows, we want to know your thoughts, just the same!

    All My Children

    Hate it:

    From: Carol S.: Please get rid of the dysfunctional spoiled brats in All My Children. All of the childish misdirected behavior that is always without consequences teaches the young viewers that they too can imitate the identical behavior and expect no repercussions. It's the old "monkey see, monkey do" thing. The message to viewers is a poor story line without any new ideas; this is why the story lines just keep dragging on and on and on and on. If you need ideas for story lines, let me know; I can supply many for you. The program needs to start moving along so that readers will have to watch to keep up with daily events. All My Children needs to get back on top of the game; it's loosing the race for viewers!


    Hate it:

    From: Diane W.: Hate the new Craig! Where is Hunt Block? Jack and Carly together works! Apart doesn't!


    Hate it:

    From: Ceola F: The writers have NO sense of value. People with morals and dignity wouldn't write such wrong things. This soap opera is all about doing wrong and sharing each other partners is all right. GET HELP! I'm so sick of BROOK she is a harlot and a gazabelle and Taylor used to have pride now she is another Brook. Everyone goes with each other how sick. TB & TB should be taken off the air. All the people are played out. I will no longer be a fan of the show if things don't change. The show is only about family members going and sleeping with one another. That is nasty and sick to promote that. PLEASE make a CHANGE!!!! Or you will lose viewers and fans the show needs and up lift.


    Hate it:

    From: Ceola F.: What the hell are the writers thinking. I'm sick of the same old story lines. The new Shawn sucks, please get the old Shawn back and bring in a new actress for Steve and Kayla I don't care for this one. What the hell they made Shawn sleep with a hooker? PLEASE FIX THE STORY LINE Let's see happy couples for a change. You are losing a days fan of 15 years. I know the writers need some help tell just to ask the fans!

    Love it:

    From: Marlana N.: I've been a fan for years, ever since Bo and Hope were teens and going together. They've loved and had compassion for each other and how they vowed to stay a part until marriage. You never see that on soaps and that's one of the things I love about Day of our lives that's why I still watch it today. I love James Scott and the chemistry that He and Sammy have together. All I ask is that the writer on the show wouldn't make him a bad person.

    Hate it - Michael Easton (John McBain) on sabatical!

    Love it:

    From: Dwayne B.: I haven't watch your show but I was told about it, and I heard it is hot.
    Well I read up a little on the show and I think you guys are doing a great job keep up the good work. I wish you all success!


    Hate it:

    From: Ambyr C.: I have been recording fashion house everyday since the series came out and have already had to fast forward ENTIRE episodes because its nothing but flash backs. This sucks and honestly gets on my last damn nerve. If I wanted to watch the same episode I'd just watch one episode from each week over and over. And actually that's what I feel like I'm doing with at least 2 episodes a week. Why cant you just stop trying to waste show time? Get on with the show without so many flashbacks. I mean an entire HOUR of shows put together that I've already seen?! Come on now. I've seen it already!! I want to see what's going to happen next. Not what already happened! And many of my friends think the same. Keep up with all those flash backs and your show might not last another season. I love the show but I don't like watching something I've already seen a million times. Please fix it. I would like to keep watching your show but not if I keep having to fast-forwarding every episode. I understand that u may do that for the people who haven't been following the show but lets face it. That's they're fault. What about the people who have been following each show? We're pretty annoyed!!


    Hate it:

    From: Cindy M.: Please do not let Liz have Jason's baby. Put Jason and Sam back together for good.

    Love it:

    From: Tammy M.: I just want to say the writers of GH are doing an absolutely amazing job with the Sonny/Depression and Lucky/Drugs storylines. They are being so true to reality it's shocking. Sonny (Maurice) is doing a fantastic job with that character!! Looking forward to Laura's return!! Keep up the awesome job!!!!!!!!


    Hate it:

    From: Carolyn E.: I have loved this show for years, can live with Josh and Reva problems but now Fast Forward during most of Reva because she has become an embarrassment for anyone dealing with cancer. No example on how to handle. Could have thought some of this but not have let it go too far. I found the story to be a non-realistic portrayal of diagnosis/treatment also.

    Love it:

    From: Dawn O.: Who is Officer Saunders? He is totally hot. I'd like to see him on the show MORE!! A group of us get together to watch the show and we all agree. He's more in the mid- age hottie range... the GL Girls....


    Hate it:

    From: Georgia J.: What about Spencer? Is he going to tell Bo and Clint that he's their brother? What were you thinking putting John McBain into an accident and putting Natalie through all that drama? She's been through enough pain. When she finds out he's alive, she's going to crack.


    Hate it:

    From: Dalia: I have been watching passions since the beginning, I think its been 5 years or something like that. And I still don't understand why we are still on the same story with Theresa, Ethan and Gwen. Don't you have something new to show us? It is boring to see that nothing is happening. Will Ethan ever learn the truth or not. This show is starting to be so boring because its the same thing everyday, nothing new happens. It's always the same. Thank you for reading this and hope that you will change something!!!

    Love it:

    From: Shirley G.: I watch Passions, love the show. Tabitha's clothes are beautiful.....


    Hate it:

    Love it:

    From scwcsc2002: I love Christina's accent I can listen to it for hours! Betty needs to grown a backbone and stand up for herself especially at the end with that witch of a secretary.

    From sammac_03: I love the show. It shows that beauty comes from within


    Hate it:

    A Davetta Sherwood fan:

    I can't beleive that Y&R has chosen to fire Davetta Sherwood, who I (and other friends of mine who are also avid fans of Y&R) think has done a wonderful job portraying Lily. When Christel Khalil decided to leave Y&R to "become an actress" and persue her dreams, I thought good - she always appeared somewhat stand-offish and never fit the Winters mold. Then along comes Davetta -- Wow! She's so believable as Dru's daughter, down to earth, caring, warm, sensitive yet savvy and like her mom, determined not to be used or taken advantage of.

    I've been a fan for over 20 years and this is the first time I've written to complain. I've always accepted the story line changes over the years, even if I did not agree with them. Inculding the recent demise of a veteren, John. However, the writers of Y&R must remember the fans when the are considering such changes -- we do matter. Without us who would watch their written stories come to life.

    I hope Y&R will reconsider hiring Khalil back and in the usual daytime here-today, gone-tomorrow fashion let Khalil go again and bring back Sherwood.
    Thanks for your time and I hope this will get passed along to Y&R.

    We thank you for your opinion! The opinions reflected in this article are not those of or its staff.

    Christine Fix
    Special thanks to my assistant, Amy Mistretta!

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    Posted by jillza06 at Friday, September 29 2006 02:35 PM

    General Hospital

    Love it:
    I love the character Laura Wright, playing Carly Corinthos.
    Please keep her.

    Donna M.

    Posted by Rbeauty at Friday, September 29 2006 09:54 PM

    As for the "new" DAYS OF OUR LIVES I hate the fact that the caracters are being recast... I think that once you get used to the person playing the character, it is hard to see someone else doing so. I am really mad about the Shawn and Phillip recasting... Kyle was one of the reasons I loved this show, with him gone, I don't think it will be the same as well as Jason and Farah... I htink that this is a disaster in the making.

    Posted by Pam_Alli at Sunday, October 01 2006 09:25 AM

    HATE IT! Who's bright Idea was it to change Shawn Brady? We felt for the long time actor who played Shawn. The new actor in this role is NOT as easy to feel compassionate about. BRING BACK THE FORMER SHAWN BRADY!

    Posted by velma at Monday, October 02 2006 03:38 AM

    ilike to see reva and josh together why have jothanson and tammy josh and tammy billy and reva it is sick like incest allin the family no morals ay all

    Posted by dimakatso at Tuesday, October 03 2006 12:52 AM


    love it
    the whole setting is so different from other soaps.the loves and hates controled by forces of evil and goodnes, is so unasual but good. i would like to thank all the characters and writers.but is tabither's secrets out?

    Posted by ladijoy at Tuesday, October 03 2006 01:14 PM


    Posted by ladijoy at Tuesday, October 03 2006 01:16 PM

    i hate guiding light after 25 years of watching the show! It is SICK, INMORAL, STUPID...and I think the writting staff needs to rethink what they are showing on the air!! Enough of Reva and her not telling Josh about her cancer, this has been carried FAR TOO LONG!!! Cassie (can't stand her) is nothing but trash and so is Josh now!! what filth you have gotten into with this show!!! clean it up...I for one am not watching anymore!!

    Posted by stricklandconnie at Wednesday, October 04 2006 07:04 AM

    I have watched GH since Laura was a teen. My point is now I am so bored since your focus is on Alexis Davis PLEASE GET OFF OF HER AND RICK !!!!! BORING,BORING,BORING.Bring back Bobbie,Alan and Monica for goodness sack.

    Posted by roseford3 at Sunday, October 08 2006 11:20 AM

    I have only recently been watching "One life to live", and I was just wondering if John McBain (Michael Easton)left the show? Or is he just taking some time off..

    Posted by elwells at Tuesday, October 17 2006 06:23 PM

    Sam is not good enough for Jason. She should check into rehab and her and Lucky she become partners and help each other out when in need. Liz and Jason should raise the baby together and fall in love.

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