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    As The World Turns Cancelled. What Soaps To Watch Now?

    Friday, September 17 2010

    Goodbye old friend. (
    Today we mourn the passing of As The World Turns and we look to the future of soaps.

    As The World Turns has been a part of most of our lives ever since we can recall. Ever since we learned to walk perhaps or before that, we watched the Oakdale goings on with our mums and grandmas. Some of our writers have grandparents who have watched since the show’s inception and truly don’t know what to do with themselves now that their 2 PM time slot will be taken over by some non-soap show that nobody cares about.

    What to do then? Well fans of one soap opera almost always enjoy at least one other soap, whether it be Daytime or Primetime, so is urging everyone who is being forced to give up As the World Turns to scope out other soaps and find a new home. After all, soap operas are a dying breed. You don’t want to see another soap opera taken from us as we watched with Passions, Guiding Light and now As The World Turns. If you can’t bear to see which one comes next, please keep watching soaps. Keep these dramas going!

    Some suggestions based on similarities of the shows can be found below:

    If you’ll miss ye ole cop shop in Oakdale, Salem’s Police Department on Days of Our Lives always has somebody coming and going from theirs. Hope may not be Margo, but she’s strong and knows her job perhaps better than any of the police at the SPD.

    If you’ll miss the hospital scenes with cute Dr. Chris Hughes, snarky Dr. Reid, pretty nurse Alison and stable Dr. Bob in Oakdale’s University Hospital, you may find comfort at University Hospital in Salem where the cute doctors are in abundance such as Dr. Daniel Jonas, who rivals now passed on Dr. Reid Oliver for being the best specialist around, Dr. Nathan Horton is cute and new and hangs out with snarky Nurse Maxine and pretty nurse Melanie. And of course, General Hospital’s always great for a few scenes with handsome Doctors Drake and Hunter and nurse Epiphany who of course keeps them all in line.
    If you miss the gay boys, you can hightail it over to The Young and The Restless lickety-split to find Genoa City resident handsome lawyer Rafe Torres flirting wildly with Phillip Chancellor III. They may not be One Life to Live’s Kish just yet or Oakdale’s Nuke or LuRe, but give it time and send in your requests to make them a couple to Y&R.

    Another place to find a great hospital scenes is over in Pine Valley, where a newly blind Dr. Angie Baxter is not the only doctor in peril these days. The town's evil doctor David Hayward was recently found dead - poisoned and there's a great whodunnit storyline we're sure everyone will find intriguing. There are a few clubs to visit, and the ladies are always in fashion. As well, Erica Kane, who has lived in Pine Valley since before I was born, will be making a return from her holidays and if you haven't seen her in action, you should at least give All My Children chance!

    Many ATWT stars to Y&R! (
    You liked Lucinda? We’ll all miss loving her or loving to hate the formidable woman. Her shenanigans are as famous as One Life to Live’s Dorian Lords are. She too messes around in her family’s lives but she does it out of love as Lucinda did…right? Mostly! Llanview is also similar to Oakdale. It’s peaceful and serene and has a cop shop where handsome detective Johnny McBain works out of. If they had one, I bet their motto would be, “A great place to raise a family," and I’m sure Oakdale can boast the same.

    Helen Wagner, may she rest in peace, was dear sainted, sweet Nancy Hughes. Many vets and matriarchs are long gone on the soaps but you can catch Days of Our Lives’ Maggie Horton, Salem’s matriarch after the loss of kind and loving Alice Horton, Maggie’s venerable mother-in-law. She’s acting as the glue that keeps the family together as Nancy did for the Hughes family.

    One of the editor’s personal favorites, we’ll always remember Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi’s dress shop and Barbara Ryan Fashions, as well as Carly’s dress designing. Without that creativity one could always drop by The Bold and the Beautiful which has two fashion houses, gorgeous clothing and all the scandal, drama, sex and intrigue you could want from a soap. Their matriarch is Stephanie Forrester, who adds a lot of snark and gets into her grown children’s business more than Lucinda and Dorian combined! encourages you to talk to your friends about which soaps are best suited to you and feel free to go to our forums to discuss this at length.

    It's been a fun ride.

    Check out Matthew Purvis' Week long As The World Turns Tribute. It'll make you laugh, make you weep and you'll walk away from the show feeling thrilled you were a part of it for as many years as you watched. Thanks for your loyalty to while we covered the Oakdale goings on. We hope you'll stick around for the other soap operas we cover! Please vote on which soaps you'll stick with now. If you'd like to hear what Colleen Zenk (Barbara) had to say about the end of the show visit Daytime Confidential's The End of the 'World' With Colleen Zenk

    Old Guiding Light Logo (CBS)

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    Posted by snoopy64 at Friday, September 17 2010 10:12 AM

    I've watched ATWT's for more than I can remember. I remember coming home from school and watching it with my grandmother. I will miss all of the Hughes and Oakdale. I know that I will not watch CBS soaps anymore.....

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, September 17 2010 12:19 PM

    Hey guys, apologies on the Guiding Light photo. It's stuck there! HAHA! Tried to change but it won't budge. Was supposed to be an ATWT one.

    Posted by Nita Boo2 at Sunday, September 19 2010 05:46 PM

    Here's an idea - take off Ryan's Hope and run ATWT from the beginning. That's a new soap opera in itself. And how about getting rid of 90201 reruns and run the Bold and the Beautiful. After all, the soap opera did win top honors this year (don't really know why) - couldn't beat out Y&R on their worst day.

    Posted by jackier at Monday, September 20 2010 11:27 AM

    hoping they stop now , at taking off the soaps this is crazy Price is Right twice a day give me a break , they best not take off YOUNG and RESTLESS , I will not watch CBS at all

    Posted by re11im at Monday, September 20 2010 12:06 PM

    I too am a third generation ATWT viewer. I would come home from school and later work and join my late Mother and Grandmother watching the show. I remember when it was interrupted by JFK's assassination. When I became a stay at home Mom I began watching again. I also have all of the books the show published over the years. Perhaps I'll dig those out and recall some of the old episodes and characters. Thanks for all the memories and good luck to the cast. You'll be missed, but maybe we'll see you on the next Daytime Emmys.

    Posted by Lara Kroft at Monday, September 20 2010 02:09 PM

    I am very upset that As The World Turns was cancelled. Up until the end, I still hoped another network would pick it up. I cried during the last scene. I have good and bad memories of great, good and bad storylines. I commend the actors, crew, production people on a job well done recently and over the years. I thank P & G for making the effort to find another home. It was not to be. I will miss As The World Turns like crazy. It is irreplacable.

    Posted by purple petals at Monday, September 20 2010 03:20 PM

    I taped ATWT and me and my husband would watch at the end of the day. We both looked forward to it.So nothing will be taking the place of ATWT. I am so sad it's over I cried and couldn't believe it.There like family to me I always say.I can't get enough of the passion and romance Jack and Carly will kiss and I will look at my husband and kiss him. I have laughed and cried and I will miss them!I will say I didn't even know it was the last show until it was over we were fast forwarding the dvr and my husband caught the commercial that's when I cried! The last show really was beautiful! Well Goodnite!

    Posted by LisaCanSing at Monday, September 20 2010 06:30 PM

    I'm crushed. I enjoyed ATWT more than Y&R. I watched this soeap since high school. I would miss the first 25 minutes but my aunt woiuld fill me in on what I missed. I'm not 47 years old and I don't know what I will watch now. sure won't be the price is right. LOL

    Posted by shay7119 at Monday, September 20 2010 09:37 PM


    Posted by shay7119 at Monday, September 20 2010 09:42 PM

    i am so sad that my favorite soap is gone i would have even settled for atwt 30 minute shows why could'nt something be done to save it i will not be watching any game show or another talk show there are already to many cbs shame on you!

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