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    General Hospital: Night Shift - Falling Star

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    GH NS - Cast - Courtesy of SOAPnet
    Air Date: Thursday September 13, 2007 at 11pm ET/PT, SOAPnet . Episode 5 highlights from our pals at SOAPnet!

    The paternity of Stacey’s baby is finally revealed, and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) is left heartbroken. Sadly, her dreams of motherhood fade into the distance.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Lovell (James Harper) is still not satisfied with the mishaps at the hospital. He insists that Jolene (Amanda Barker) find another victim.. this time, a doctor! When Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) unwittingly screws up Jolene's next move, she keeps him off track by teasing him, and playing on his softer side.

    Regina’s (Angel Wainwright) confidence in her nursing abilities take a beating. She almost makes a fatal mistake, when scrubbing in on her first delivery!

    Lainey continues to struggle with her father’s deteriorating health, and seeks guidance from a compassionate Cody.

    In the meantime, Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Leyla’s (Nazanin Boniadi) flirtation heats up! Where will they take things?

    The episode of “General Hospital: Night Shift,” “Falling Star” premieres September 13, 2007, on SOAPnet.

    Christine Fix

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    Posted by terrishannon at Thursday, September 13 2007 02:31 AM

    I really think this program could have won rave reviews from all the G.H. fans if they had connected it with the daytime characters instead of pieces here & there. The way it's written is TOO confussing!!! You could have had a masterpiece...the writers really goofed. So many found it too hard to seperate the two shows because you used some of the same characters. What were you thinking?

    Posted by princess_of_soaps93 at Thursday, September 13 2007 03:21 PM

    i think that just because robin can't have children, doesn't mean she should give up hope is a good friend and i think she would make a good mom1

    Posted by Renata at Tuesday, September 18 2007 08:37 AM

    I agree with you terrishannon it is confusing, should have been tied into the daytime or made it completely different even the names.

    Posted by serina666 at Wednesday, September 19 2007 01:24 PM

    I loved the idea of GH Night Shift but unfortunately the writers goofed up the timing thing. If events during GH & NS were on the same page, it would have been great! I do enjoy the show regardless! I just don't see it going on for another round. Oh well , at least I get to see a little more GH once a week for now.

    Posted by db111 at Friday, September 21 2007 03:19 PM

    I find it interesting that this show have a very diverse cast, that actually showcase all of the cast; and it is a hit! Perhaps the rest of daytime may follow the lead...

    I also think Lainey and Cody is hot!

    Posted by alfie1 at Sunday, September 23 2007 04:34 AM

    i happen to love night shift.i just hope you keep giving us more.especally epif &billy dee&every one else.are wegoing to be able to buy the series im praying, thank you so much.

    Posted by Yaasmiyn at Thursday, September 27 2007 01:50 PM

    I too agree with you terrishannon!! the show is too confusing! I'm also tried of The Jackal..he needs to have surgery on the brain to change his character like Jason!! hee hee

    Posted by PRgirl at Saturday, September 29 2007 09:31 PM

    I love the show, and I actually would love to see Robing and Jason hook up on GH now, I dont like liz she is such a loser. I really hope that Robin gets to adopt stacey's baby, I hope they dont let it go down like that, I dont think stacey would want it this way, I just had this feeling that some how she wrote it or told someone that if she died she wanted robin to have her baby. I know they got close during her visits to the hospital and she requested her every time and wanted her to be there when she had the baby.

    Posted by 28gh at Monday, October 01 2007 06:16 PM

    I completely agree with everyone that says Night Shift doesn't make sense.I have been watching GH forever and I say way mess with a good thing. I mean does anywhere here remember a little show called Port Charles? Part of the reason I love GH is because even though it is still a soap opera it's just a little bit more believeable that other soaps with a lot better acting!!! They need to cancel that show.

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